No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0890

“Don’t go!”

Orchid, who was about to rush forward, immediately told Elaine and the others to stop when she heard Jack’s words.

She surmised that those four people were not any regular people. Jack would not have stopped them from going over otherwise.

It meant that even if they went, not only would they not be of much help, they would probably be killed too.

Of course, it was not difficult for Jack to kill all four, but he had purposely slowed himself down so that he seemed like he could not save Ivan. The Taylor family would seriously suspect him if he finished the four of them off quickly and easily now.

That was why he needed to control himself now. He would kill them, but he would make it seem as though it were a close call—as though he were using all his skills and strength.

“Let’s come together and kill him! How dare he hurt Snow!”

The man named Lucas huffed.

Suddenly, the four surrounded Jack.

Still, Jack and the others did not know that an old man and a young woman were watching all this unfold from afar, nestled safely in their car.

“Sir, should we go over to help the young master?”

The young woman furrowed her brows before asking the old man, “No mishap can fall upon Young Master Jack. The young master might even harbor gratitude for us if we help him now, and he’ll probably agree to go back with us.”

“Let’s wait and see. He won’t be too happy if we help him now. After all, we don’t know if Joan has briefed him on the entire situation!”

The old man flashed a bitter smile. “Besides, our young master still has the advantage. Maybe he can kill all four of them by himself!”

The young woman’s eyes brightened ever so slightly when she heard that. “It would be fantastic if he can kill them alone. That means that he’s a good fighter. He won’t be able to match the younger ones who’ve received training since young—like me—but he’s able to grow so strong even without the ideal conditions at such a young age. It means that he has potential!”

Just as the two were discussing the matter, Jack had exchanged plenty of blows with the four of them. Then the opportunity came, and he struck one of the women down with his sword.


One of the men’s eyes began to redden. It was obvious that this woman was extremely important to him—that they were not just friends.


The man released a war cry and rushed toward Jack, obviously having lost all sense of control.

“Fantastic. He’s already killed one. Now there are only three left. With this, a lot of pressure will be taken off his shoulders. Maybe he’ll be able to kill the other three too!”

Theodore’s bloodshot eyes immediately brightened when he saw one of them die. He felt elated at the sight.


Yet Old Man Taylor released a sigh beside him. Although Jack had killed one of them, he still was not happy.

Still, in a deathmatch like this, he naturally hoped that Jack would emerge victorious and kill them all.

But he also knew that if Jack killed these four people, they would be provoking a powerful force from Gin City.

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