No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0891

Plenty of eyewitnesses had spectated the bloody fight between martial artists. The people from Gin City would surely investigate the matter if those four people died, and they would find out everything that had transpired.

The Taylor family would be in big trouble then.

Selena noted the old man’s expression and said, “Grandpa, why are you sighing? It seems like Jack will be able to eliminate them all!”

Fiona and the others also stared at him, confused.

“There are way too many powerful organizations in Gin City. Even if you eliminate the all-powerful Ten Families there, the families that are slightly weaker than them are still plenty strong. The Lamberts are so strong, and their elders are all extremely powerful. We’ll be offending a great power if they die!”

Old Man Taylor sighed and added, “But Jack has to kill them now, considering the circumstances. There’s no other way out of this.”

The fight was just as intense as before, and it was not long until Jack slew the three remaining fighters.


Theodore roared in laughter and ran to hug his son’s lifeless body. “Did you see that, Ivan? All the people who wronged you are now dead. Jack avenged you!”

The White family butler—who sat in a car from afar—nodded with satisfaction. “The young master is truly a skilled fighter, able to slay all four fighters. The master will be pleased once he hears about this.”

The butler then turned to look at the woman next to him. “Jack is probably not as strong as you, but he has far more talent and potential than any of you,” stated the butler. “After all, you’ve all received training at a young age, and only then did you manage to grow into who you are now!”

The young woman was rather miffed at his words, but all she could do was nod. The butler had a point; she might have never been able to do what Jack could if she was stuck in this mundane world.

Had Jack received resources provided by the family, he would have been much stronger—perhaps stronger than her.

“Don’t worry. I’ll definitely help out as much as I can if the young master truly returns. He is the only legitimate son of the master, after all,” stated the young woman as she offered a wan smile.

A sigh then escaped the old man’s lips before he voiced his thoughts, “Ah, now I’m worried that Jack won’t go back. We’ve done everything we can. There’s no helping it now.”

The young woman mulled over his words. “But Jack has provoked the Lambert family now, and he won’t be able to protect all of his family now,” she said, frowning. “Who knows if he’ll return to the White family? If he does and chooses to use the forces we have, he won’t have to worry about small fry like the Lamberts.”

The butler nodded at her statement. “It’s a possibility. I, too, hope that he can return to the White family and take his rightful place as the pillar of our family.”

The two quickly drove off, and it was at this moment that Orchid and the others came before Jack.

“Master, those four were so strong yet were so young! Where were they from?” asked Orchid. Her brows furrowed as she looked at the corpses of the four young fighters.

“Gin City. One of the men was called Lucas Lambert, and he’s probably from one of the powerful families there.”

Jack gave a mirthless smile and sheathed his sword.

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