No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0892

“They’re from Gin City? That’s troublesome… There are plenty of skilled fighters among the powerful families.”

Orchid’s expression turned grave when she heard that. “It’s a pity that they didn’t send all their experts when they started the fight. We would’ve won a long time ago otherwise.”

“Quick, get rid of the bodies.”

Old Man Taylor instructed his subordinates to handle the bodies. People would instantly pick up the mayhem that went down the longer it was left unresolved. It would be far easier for the Lambert family if they came here to investigate Lucas and the others’ deaths.

Old Man Taylor took a moment to himself as he sorted out his thoughts before he spoke to Theodore, “Ivan met his doom today because of how he provoked them five years ago, Theodore. None of this would’ve happened if he hadn’t tried to fool around with another man’s fiancée. I myself never thought that they’d come looking for him after all these years when they found out that he wasn’t dead.”

Theodore’s eyes reddened as he nodded. “I understand, Father. I’ve told him so many times to control his actions, but he never listened to me. Ah… Jack just killed all four people from the Lambert family. What should we do if their relatives come looking for us?”

Old Man Taylor mulled over the situation for a while. “How about this: We’ll quickly bury Ivan’s body. There’s plenty of distance between Eastfield and Gin City,” he suggested. “They won’t be here for at least half an hour. After we bury Ivan’s body, we’ll sell off our fixed assets for cheap and leave Eastfield.”

Theodore feebly nodded, well aware that his father grew up and lived in Eastfield all his life—he had a deep attachment to the city. If he spoke about leaving Eastfield, it meant that they were in a dire situation.

“No way! Are we really moving? Where should we move to then?”

Fiona frowned. It was evident that she was adamant to not leave her home.

Alas, they had wronged a terrifyingly powerful family, and they would probably be far safer if they left Eastfield.

“Let’s just do everything we need to do. I’m not that scared of the Lambert family, but we should prepare to leave… Just in case.”

Jack took out a cigarette and took a long drag out of it.

He knew he was powerful; he had nothing to fear.

However, he probably would not be able to handle it if the Lamberts sent too many fighters.

“Ah, what misfortune!”

Andrew sighed. “I’ll give Ben a call,” he said, “he needs to settle his cyber café as well.”

Joan was silent for a good while before she slowly walked toward Selena and Jack. “Jack, Selena, let’s take a walk in the garden,” offered Joan.

“All right, Mother.”

Selena’s brows knit tightly together, puzzled. She knew Joan wanted to tell them something important if she invited them for a private talk.

Fiona instantly went up to them when she heard this. “What are you going to talk about, Joan? Can’t I listen to it too? I’m so curious!”

Joan gave a bitter smile. “It’s not convenient for me to tell you any of this for now, Fiona,” she replied. “I’ll tell you everything when the time is right, but right now, I just want to talk to Jack and Selena.”

Fiona’s face fell. “All right then… Jeez. We’re already family. Why can’t she just tell me? It’s not like I’m an outsider.”

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