No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0896

Jack got excited when he heard what Lana said. “Are you serious? A dragon scale?” he asked eagerly. “A real dragon scale?”

“Of course! It took me a long while to track the rumors down, but I don’t know who has it now. What’s important is that it’s made its appearance!”

Lana was evidently excited as well. “It’ll be fantastic if you can get this, Master. After all…”

“Plenty of people will fight for something like that if it really appears out in public. It’s not very useful to the common person, but it’s a treasure, nonetheless. There’s value in keeping it!”

Jack spoke, his emotions overwhelming him at that moment.

“We don’t know who has it, but Fernando lives nearby. He’s already gone there to help you look for it and claim it! We were afraid that it’d be taken or moved if we didn’t do anything quickly,” commented the grinning Lana.

“All right, get him to investigate first. We must get the dragon scale. We’ll go there soon after!”

Jack nodded. “I’ve provoked the Lambert family from Gin City here. They’re not a huge force to be reckoned with, but they’re no small fries either. The Taylor family needs to settle their fixed assets in these two days first, and only then will we set out.”

“Alright. I’ll follow along then!” chirped Lana, her smile still plastered on her face.

“You? Follow us?”

Jack was speechless. He did not know what to feel at that moment.

Lana rolled her eyes at him. “Just let me stay by your side, Master. I’ll be so bored if I don’t come along. Once you and Selena leave this place, I have no reason to stay here anyway,” she spoke coyly.

Jack nearly wanted to faint at how that Goddess of War was acting; she never behaved that way before. He could feel goosebumps on his skin.

Only after a good while did Jack relented, “Alright. Come along if you want to then, but you better find an excuse. If not, it’ll be hard for the others to accept it if you come along!”

“An excuse?”

Lana frowned. “I’ll just come up with something,” she said, smiling. “I’ll just say that I’m tagging along like a vacation or something!”

Her reasoning rendered Jack speechless, but he merely nodded his head since that reasoning was acceptable. “Alright. I’ll call you when we leave.”

“Okay. I’m off then!”

Lana smiled and went over to say goodbye to Selena before leaving.

Selena walked over after Lana left and gave Jack a faint smile. “What did she talk to you about? She even wanted to talk to you alone.”

“It’s nothing. She said she wants to come along with us for a holiday after she found out that we’ll be leaving. She heard that we had run into some trouble here and asked if we needed any help,” Jack spoke in a casual tone, smiling.

“Really? That’s great! Lana is a God of War, so we’ll be a lot safer if she comes along. The Lambert family is pretty strong, after all, and it’ll be troublesome if they find us.”

Selena was delighted when she heard this. “Oh, right. Have you thought about where we’ll go?” she asked Jack.

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