No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0898

“What’s your name again? Jack White, right? Your acute senses and keenness are rather impressive, you’ll still breathe your last tonight!”

The old man chuckled and narrowed his eyes. Fists balled tightly, he ran full speed ahead and flickered right in front of Jack at the next second.

“Oh, you’re fast!”

It surprised Jack—though only by a bit—when he noted that this old man’s combat prowess was equal with the four from the Lambert family who came this morning.

There were not many elite fighters like this old man in this Eastfield, hence Jack immediately understood that these people were most likely sent by Lily Lagorio.

After all, four from the Lambert family had just died this morning, and the Lamberts should not have known about the matter. These men were not sent by the Lamberts.

There was only one explanation for this: Lily—the vicious and sinister woman—had somehow found out that the butler of the White family and Beth had visited Jack and had her men tail them.

Moreover, he reckoned that the men before him knew where he was, though they might have feared that Beth and the butler would discover them. They were afraid that Beth and the butler would intervene when they tried to kill Jack.

Thus, these men waited in the shadows as they waited for the right moment to strike—once Beth and the butler left. They planned to end him tonight, once and for all.

Jack instantly grasped the situation in his mind. With his fist clenched tightly, he swung his arm and slammed his fist against the old man’s.

A slight and dull whine escaped the old man’s mouth as he was sent seven or-so steps backward due to the force. Only then could he regain his footing and stood his ground once more.

Shock and surprise washed over the old man’s face. He was the strongest among the men with him, and he thought that his punch would have sent Jack to hell easily. Unexpectedly, Jack’s combat skill was a lot stronger than his.

“How is that possible?!”

A woman from the group was astonished at the scene before her. “This brat wasn’t raised in the White family. He grew up here, in this commoner’s world! He didn’t receive any training from the White! How can he possess such power?”

The old man’s face sank and clenched his fist. “Kiddo, I underestimated you before this, and that’s why I didn’t unleash my full strength in my punch. Don’t you think that I’m weaker than you! Well, it looks like I have to use my full strength today for you.”

Jack, on the other hand, gave a wan smile. “If I’m right, you’re sent by the Madam of the White family, Lily Lagorio. The butler has just left, and you couldn’t even wait for the next day. I don’t think you would dare do anything had they stayed here, yes?”

“You don’t have to know who sent us and where we came from, kid. You only need to know that today is your last day on the earth!”

The old man laughed sinisterly. He crouched slightly and, with a powerful stomp, leaped to the sky before plummeting toward Jack with his fist clenched.

Jack could clearly feel the immense power in the old man’s body, a far cry from his initial strength moments ago. The old man had put in every ounce of his strength in this attack.

Just when the old man was about to land on Jack, Jack moved instantly. In the blink of an eye, he leaped mid-air, raised his knee, and slammed onto the old man’s chin.

A dull and painful cry echoed through the air as the old man’s head was knocked backward by the powerful force, sending him flying in the air.

The old man spurted a mouthful of blood mid-air as his face turned pallid.

The old man then fell to the ground as blood was expelled from his mouth once more. Shock, surprise, and disbelief were plastered all over his face for a long time.

“What? No! It can’t be!”

The remaining men reeled back in shock at the scene before them. Never did it occur to them that Jack could survive from the old man’s full strength, what more overpowering him. Jack’s speed and combat skill far exceeded their expectations. His speed could be compared to the speed of Patronum—the top-listed fighter in the White family.

“What are you waiting for? Don’t forget our purpose today! Kill him!”

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