No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0899

The old man gritted his teeth, enduring his pain, and forced himself to get up. He then called the others to charge at Jack.


The group drew out their fine swords, one by one, and rushed toward Jack.

“Since you guys want to dance with death so badly, I’ll grant your wish!”

Jack flipped his palm, and the black-metal sword appeared in his hand.

Jack flicked his wrist as slashes from the sword formed terrifying pressurized wind blades that flew toward the group. Just like that, the men fell to the floor, lifeless.

“You… You know how to cast pressurized wind blades!”

The old man was startled. He thought that Jack would be slain by this night, what with the large number of people with him, but all was in vain.

“Spill it! Did Lily send you here?”

Jack held the sword in his hand and stalked toward the old man. His eyes were dull and emotionless, his voice flat and merciless—it sent chills down others’ spine. The man before him looked all too ordinary, thought the old man. Who would have thought that the blades of wind were conjured by him?

“I’ll fight you to death!”

Not wanting to divulge in the truth, the old man raced toward Jack with a sword in his hand, wanting to cut his head clean from his shoulders.

The old man’s ambition was cut short as a gash appeared on his neck in the next second. The old man fell straight onto the ground.

“W—What… What’s going on?!”

Andrew and Fiona, who had heard the noises caused by the fighting, ran out from the house.

By the time they got out from the house, they were greeted with a floor of corpses that littered the ground. The scene paralyzed them both.

Jack did not know where to start the story nor how to explain the situation to the two. After all, he did not intend to tell Fiona and the others about the matter concerning the White family.

After putting some thoughts onto the matter, he kept away the sword in his hand and opened his mouth, “I’m not too sure. Seems like someone hired these assassins. After all, many people out there want our heads. I think it’s better for us to leave Eastfield quickly.”

Though Jack said those himself, he knew those assassins were not from Eastfield. After all, he had killed the people in Eastfield who wanted him dead. That effectively eliminated everyone who had Jack on their hit-list.

He would not have to leave Eastfield had he not caused trouble for the Lamberts. He did not want to create more trouble, and that was why he decided to leave.

“Yeah, you’re right. You’ve even offended the Clarks, the Wilsons, and the Hugos! Not only that, but the Drake family is in the list too. Sigh! You’re right. We’d better leave soon, it’s too dangerous here!”

After listening to Jack’s analysis, Fiona was so frightened that she pestered them to get out of Eastfield.

Andrew, on the other hand, asked in fear, “Jack… It can’t be that what’s-his-name’s family—Lambat, Lambert—looking for us, right?”

“Father-in-law, don’t worry. The Lambert family may not know that those four are dead, and even if they do, they won’t know that they died in Eastfield. I assure you, these assassins aren’t from the Lamberts,” assured Jack, a small smile on his face to calm Andrew.

All of a sudden… “Hahaha! Want to leave Eastfield? I’ll have to stop you there!” A gruff voice was heard from the main gate of Jack’s residence.

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