No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0902

You’re going to give away such an expensive villa? It’s such a pity!”

Fiona’s expression darkened the moment she thought about giving away such a nice villa.

“We already have plenty of money, Mom. Now, the Taylor family would be able to do pretty well in Swallow City or even Gin City, even if we are not one of the strongest families there. It’ll take a long time to sell this villa. So it’s best that we just give it away. And we can also move out early!”

Selena tried to convince her, smiling.

“All right. Why did Ivan have to refuse to go to war? Why did he have to offend the Lambert family in the first place? Ah. We’ll just chalk it up to bad luck!”

Fiona heaved a long sigh and entered her room.

Jack called Master George.

Master George had just finished his meal and was taking a walk in the garden. His heart leaped in delight when he realized that it was Jack who called. “Anything going on, Jack?” he asked.

Jack smiled. “Master George, I don’t have many servants at my place,” he spoke into the line. “I’ve just killed dozens of men in my garden. Can you send some people over to help clear the bodies?”

Master George was rendered speechless when he heard this. He nearly wanted to spit blood.

He knew about Jack’s strength because of the latter’s relationship with the Nine Great Gods of War. Even a first-class aristocratic family like his could not afford to provoke him.

It was also because of Jack’s brilliance that he had hoped that his daughter, Sharon, would marry him, even if she was relegated to the position of a second wife.

However, he never thought that Jack would have not the slightest bit of interest in his beautiful, stunning daughter. He did not even give her a chance and she was left completely heartbroken.

Yet now that this punk had gone and killed dozens of men, he was asking them for help to clear the bodies? He was practically bullying them now.

Still, Master George reminded himself of how terrifying Jack could be. He could do nothing but hold his frustration in. “No problem,” he answered, grinning. “It’s a small matter!”

“All right. My family and I will be leaving Eastfield tomorrow or the day after, and we won’t be coming back. So we’ll give the villa to you!”

Jack’s coming reply made Master George extremely excited. The villa was worth at least thirty million dollars, and Jack had successfully bid for it at the price of one hundred million.

“Are you serious? This–this is too…”

Master George felt as though he was dreaming. Money was practically falling onto his lap.

“Of course I’m serious. I’m a man of my word.”

Jack smiled and hung up the phone.

“Men, men!”

Winston George called out as he walked.

Soon enough, 70 to 80 bodyguards appeared before him.

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