No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0906

“Swallow City?”

Theodore was shocked when he found out about the destination. Never in his wildest dreams would he imagine that Jack would actually decide to head straight for the north—toward the direction of Gin City. Swallow City was practically right next to Gin City!

The Lambert family was a prominent family in Gin City. They would be serving themselves on a silver platter if they went ahead.

“Seriously? Wouldn’t it be better if we get away as far as we can, Jack? It’s way too dangerous to go to Swallow City.”

Fiona was shocked as well. She quickly asked him.

She did not expect Jack to flash a mirthless smile in response. “I have business to do in Swallow City. Besides, I think that the Lambert family will start their investigation in Eastfield, assuming that they want to track us down. And what will they do once they find out that we’ve left? They’ll definitely search for us in neighboring areas—perhaps even in cities in the south. They would think that we would run as far as possible from Gin City!”

Realization dawned upon Theodore. “I get it. They’ll be less vigilant if we hide under plain sight—they won’t search those areas. It’ll be far easier for them to find us if we head south of Eastfield, right?”

“That was my train of thought. It’ll be safe for a period of time in Swallow City, at least! We’ll be fine so long as we don’t create a ruckus and be careful! Besides, we don’t have many people with us now. There’s a smaller chance of us being suspected.”

Jack spoke with finality in his tone.

“All right. We’ll head for Swallow City. Let’s eat and have a good rest tonight. We’ll continue our journey in the afternoon!”

Old Man Taylor considered the idea, and he thought that Jack’s words made sense. He released an internal sigh of relief.

“Oh, right. Our cars have number plates from Eastfield. So when we’re nearing Swallow City, we’ll burn our cars in a secluded area. We’ll buy new cars when we’re in the city itself, and our cars will have number plates from there. We’ll be even safer then!”

Jack went silent for a moment before speaking, “I’m not afraid of the Lambert family, but they’re probably pretty strong. It’ll be best if we don’t provoke them unnecessarily. Besides, we have quite a number of people here. It’ll be difficult for me to protect all of you on my own.”

At this moment, a car drove toward them and parked right before Jack and the others. Lana and Skyler exited the vehicle.

“You–you brought Skyler too?”

Once Jack saw that Skyler was coming along, he suddenly did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Master Lana, Sir Skyler, why are you two here?”

Theodore and the others cried out, utterly stupefied. They had not stopped for very long, but the Goddess of War and King of War had quickly arrived. They must have been tailing behind them long ago.

“I already told Jack that I would be tagging along for a spin. This is my holiday for me to relax. Besides, it’ll be so boring if I were to be left alone in Eastfield!”

Lana chuckled. Then she cast a glance over her shoulder. “Oh, right. There are others who’ll be following along too,” she said. “They told me that they want to be your bodyguards!”

“Seriously? Who?”

Theodore exclaimed in surprise. He was in awe. He would feel ten times safer if Lana and the others were coming along.

True enough, a few other cars quickly came along and parked nearby.

“No way about it. I’m bound to follow Jack wherever he goes for my entire life, and Elaine wants to follow too—and she’s my disciple. I don’t feel comfortable about leaving her alone, so I decided to follow. And some of my older disciples all wanted to come along with me, so here they are!”

Skyler chuckled. “I’ll be the commander of your bodyguards from now on, and my disciples will make up the troops. How about that? You won’t chase us away, will you?”

“Oh my. Sir Skyler, you’re not joking, are you? You’re such a respected person. How could we accept you to be the leader of our bodyguards!”

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