No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0908

“That’s fine by me as well! As long as there is good food and a place for me to sleep, I’ll be satisfied!”

To everyone’s surprise, Lana accepted Jack’s suggestion and smiled joyfully.

“Master Lana, you’re the least demanding Goddess of War that I’ve ever seen!”

Skyler, on the other hand, laughed out loud, looking very cheerful.

“Right, about your cars, they’re all with Eastfield’s plate numbers. So, before we arrive at Swallow City, you guys have to sit in our cars and dispose of your cars outside the Swallow City. But, don’t you worry, after we enter the city, I’ll buy each of you a car. You can pick whatever car you want!”

Jack gazed over Lana’s and the others’ cars, and smiled bitterly, and said, “Well. If I can get a new car, why not?”

Skyler chortled loudly again at the side.

Soon, the group arrived at the city center of Eastfield. Skyler and Lana bought themselves masks, rested for a while, and then finally set off.

Not to mention, the mask that Lana chose not only did not obscure her beauty but also intensified the beauty of her alluring body. With her face half-covered by the mask, she let out a mysterious aura, luring others to her realm of seduction unconsciously.

“Master Lana, the mask looks really good on you! You’re stunning yet mysterious! Especially your exposed long legs, even I’m a little envious of you!”

Selena, who was sitting in the same car with Lana, gazed over at Lana’s outfit. She could not help but compliment Lana.

Now that Lana was with them, it made Selena’s heart breathe a huge sigh of relief. With Lana around them, even if those strong and powerful people from the Lambert family were to come to avenge, they might not be her opponents. Furthermore, Lana coupled with Jack, Skyler, and the others would be considered as a scary force to be reckoned with.

Before that, she felt upset about how the other members of the Taylor family left, fearing to be involved. Now, it seemed that it was the right decision for them to leave, at least they would be safe too. Besides, it was a good thing for Selena, Jack, and the others as well—they could travel faster and safer with fewer people.

Now, with the additional forces from Lana and Skyler, their overall combat power was naturally increased to the point that they could say they would not have to be afraid anymore.

“Really? Aww!”

After hearing Selena’s compliment, Lana was flabbergasted with joy. “Actually I’m envious of you, Miss Selena. You’re so gentle, beautiful, and with a noble temperament. These are the characteristics that I don’t possess. They always say that I’m too boyish, too manly and domineering, and lack of gentleness. Sigh! I’m worried that I’ll not get married!”

“How can you not get married? Don’t be a fool. You’re the Goddess of War! Besides, you’re really good-looking and attractive. I bet a lot of men out there would be head over heels for you when they see you!”

Selena smiled and added, “But an excellent woman like you should pick your life partner carefully and this matter cannot be rushed!”

“You’re right. Oh ya! You guys shouldn’t call me Master Lana or Goddess of War, especially when we get to Swallow City. If you continue calling me that, won’t I wear this mask for nothing?”

Lana reminded the group after thinking about it.

“Is it okay for me to call you Lana?”

Selena asked with a frown.

“Don’t worry, it’s definitely more than okay. There’re too many people in this world with the same name. Lana is just a popular common name. Besides, most of the people know that Lana the Goddess of War is in Eastfield, who knows that she’ll come to Swallow City?” Lana smiled gently in return.

“That makes sense!”

Selena bobbed her head in agreement.

Another day had passed. On a fine morning, the caravan finally arrived at a valley not far outside the Swallow City.

“Push the cars to the open space over here and burn them!”

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