No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0909

Although these cars were branded and exorbitantly expensive, but now there was no other way, Jack could only give the order, helplessly.

The group immediately pushed the cars to the open space and burned them. Then only did they head toward the Swallow City on foot.

They could already see the incomparably tall and magnificent city walls of the Swallow City from afar. The city was surrounded by an archaic yet ancient atmosphere and a layer of faint mist. This city looked mysteriously ethereal.

Although the Swallow City was a lot smaller than the Gin City, it was at least two or three times larger than Eastfield.

“The Swallow City. It’s an ancient city, isn’t it? There are many high authoritative powerhouses in it. And the main thing is this city is a wonderful place for people, families, or houses to improve and expand their power!”

Staring attentively at the city before him, Skyler could not help but to express with a sigh.

“Yes, this is indeed a wonderful place!”

Lana, too, sighed with emotion.

Jack looked at the group, then finally said, “We’ve now arrived at the Swallow City. Let’s hurry up and buy a villa to live in as soon as possible. It’s fortunate that it’s morning now, we’ve time to purchase a villa. As for cars, we’ll wait till tomorrow morning!”

Old Master Taylor nodded in accordance. “I’m afraid that the villa here will be very costly. For the time being, we don’t need to recruit any bodyguards, but I think we have to hire some helpers to help clean up the house. So, we’ll have to prepare a few more suites for them.”

“Hmmm. Alright, let’s do this. We’ll purchase twenty units of terrace house and these should be enough. We don’t have to buy a single huge villa. Perhaps, we can opt for terrace houses or townhouses. Also, when we buy more units, we’ll let the developer enclose them with walls. This should not be a big problem!”

Jack uttered his thoughts to the group.

At this time, Lana’s phone rang.

After she took a look at the number, she sauntered to the side and picked up the call. “Hey Bro, what’s the situation?”

“Bad. It’s, it’s a trap…”

Fernando’s weak and feeble voice came out from the phone and followed by a light thud. The phone call ended after the thud sound.

Lana’s finger pounded the last-call button on her phone to call back, but only then did she found out that the number was no longer available.

Her face turned blank and gloomy in the next second. She immediately approached Jack and pull him to the side, then reported, “Master, it’s not good. Brother Fernando seems to be in trouble!”

“Has something happened? What’s the situation?”

When Jack heard of the news, he frowned and wondered if he had heard it wrongly. Fernando was one of the disciples whom he considered strong and powerful. His combat prowess could be placed at the top of the list, how could something bad happen to such a strong person?

“I’m not too sure myself. He called just now and his breath is very feeble. He only told me that it was a trap and then the call disconnected. I tried to call back but I could not get through!”

Lana’s forehead ceased together. She was anxious beyond measure.

“Dragon scale, it’s a trap?”

Jack’s brows snapped together, and his face was full of worries. “Even if it’s a trap, Fernando is not that weak that he can’t defeat the other party, right?”

“Sigh! I don’t know, Master. Will Brother Fernando be alright?”

The more Lana thought about it, the faster her heart pounded. Fernando’s fighting power was a few levels better than her; he was the eldest disciple among them. What kind of fighter did he meet this time?

“We can’t do much now. We’re here and worries will only drag us down. Let’s enter the city first, then we’ll slowly investigate the matter. Since it’s a trap, I believe Fernando will not die, because the other party is actually targeting me!”

Jack jeered coldly, and then continued, “The other party was trying to set traps and catch me. I bet they know who’s the owner of the dragon scale!”

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