No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0910

“No way, you mean the other party knows who this dragon scale belongs to?”

After hearing this, Lana took a deep cold breath. She was taken aback.

“I’m just guessing. Since Fernando said it was a trap, I believe the other party will only incarcerate him and not kill him. This act will lure us out. Hence, I guess the other party must know more about the dragon scale!”

The whole situation was giving Jack a headache. There were not many people, perhaps less than a dozen people, who knew about the dragon scale. Furthermore, Fernando’s words did not reveal much information. Hence, Jack could only suggest settling in first.

Soon enough, Jack brought everyone into the city.

They first looked for a hotel to stay in. Then Jack and Selena went ahead to look for a villa.

They soon found themselves in the lobby of a sales department. A young saleswoman noticed them and quirked her lips into a small smile, walking toward them.

“Good morning, sir and madam. Are you here to look for a villa? Or do you want to look at bungalows? We have both here!”

The young saleswoman flashed a brilliant smile—one that could dazzle the sun.


Jack gave a wan smile and replied.

“All right, sir. Please follow me! We’ve already renovated all the villas here, so you can move straight in. That’s why the price will be a little higher…”

The saleswoman introduced as she brought Jack and Selena toward the sandbox.

Not too far away, another two saleswomen began chatting quietly to themselves.

“That new girl really doesn’t have a good eye. Those two are wearing pretty nice clothes, but didn’t she see them getting off from a cab?”

One of the women gave a frosty smile as she spoke.

“Right? She was right at the door. No way she didn’t see it. Someone who needs to call for a cab definitely has no money to buy a villa. It’s obvious that they’re just here to browse around!”

The other woman added in a low, conspiratorial tone, “We don’t sell many houses here because of the price. Although the villas here are just townhouses, they’re super expensive because they’re in the middle of the city. One would cost at least 120 million dollars. No way someone like that can afford to buy the villas here.”

Jack and Selena so happened to walk past them. They spoke softly, but they heard their voices—and they clearly heard each and every word.

The two exchanged a glance. They could not be bothered with the two women. After they walked over and scanned the sandbox and listened to the saleswoman’s explanations, Jack spoke up, “How much is one unit? There should be a discount if we pay in full, right?”

“Ah! Why don’t you two look at our showcase unit? I’ll take you there. It won’t take much time…”

The saleswoman was a little surprised. She suspected if she heard wrongly.

Honestly, she had seen the couple getting off a cab from the entrance.

She did not expect them to have the money to buy a house.

However, she recalled what her manager had told her in the beginning—to not give up on any customer that walked through the door. She was new and she did not have a stellar performance to boast off. She used this opportunity to practice her negotiation skills, to familiarize herself with talking to customers, and introducing the houses to them. Basically, she took this as a chance to improve herself.

That was why she kept a smile on her face the whole time, carefully explaining every detail to the couple.

Yet they had never asked many questions, and they did not talk much. They seemed very impassive.

They did not pose many questions. From that, she surmised that they did not have much interest in the property, and they would never even think of buying it after hearing the price. Still, they were probably too ashamed to walk away immediately.

She did not expect the man to ask straight away if there were discounts if he paid in full.

Even some customers who were interested in buying would negotiate with them a few more times and mull over the decision for a few days. After all, a single unit was worth millions. A big celebrity would also have to consider this for half a day if they wanted to purchase a unit.


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