No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0911

However, the couple in front of her did not even bother to look at the showcase unit. They just took a glance at the sandbox and inquired about the price.

“No need. We’re in a hurry to move in!”

Jack flashed a wan smile and responded emotionlessly.

“Well. If you were to pay in full, surely there would be a discount for you. The company is now promoting cashback for these units. So, it’ll be 110 million dollars per unit!”

The young and pretty salesgirl hung a smile on her face, but muttered inside her heart, ‘Don’t tell me they’re really planning to buy a villa!’

It was precisely because of the price of these villas; they could hardly sell even one unit per month. However, if they were to successfully sell one unit, the commission for that month would be a lot.

“110 million per unit? So if I buy twenty units, it’ll be 2.1 billion, right?”

After calculating in his brain, Jack replied in a carefree tone.

“Twen—twenty units?”

The pretty salesgirl released a deep breath of surprise, doubting her own ears—whether did she heard wrongly. It was not twenty dollars or 200 dollars but freaking 2.1 billion. Could it be that this couple came from a rich family?

“Yes. This side, the side near the gate, I want twenty units. But, I have a small favor to ask!”

After pondering about it, Jack pointed at the sandbox and uttered.

“What is it?”

The salesgirl gulped loudly, thinking that could it be that this man before her was setting a trap? Was he trying to do something bad to her? After all, she had been hearing that some thugs and b*stards always liked to tease salesgirls like them.

These thoughts made her heart pound harder than ever; she could not help but worry for herself. She was afraid that Jack was one of those b*stards.

But the worries soon subsided when she saw a woman stood next to Jack—Selena. She felt that she was overly worried.

No words could describe Selena’s attractiveness and beauty. Such a woman was hundred times better looking than her; how could Jack possess dirty thoughts when he had such a beautiful wife in his life? Besides, if Jack really wanted to do something bad to her, he would not be doing it in front of his wife, right?

“Can the developer enclose these twenty units with walls? Separating our villas from others. This should not be a problem, right?”

Jack gave a light smile and then only slowly uttered his request.

“This, this can be done! It’s only a small matter. I’ll talk to our manager right now, and you can look at the map here, pick the unit you want, and circle it with this pen!”

The young salesgirl took out a pen, a leaflet of the villas as well as the layout map. She handed these over to Jack as she spoke. She requested Jack to circle the unit they wanted.

“No freaking way? Twenty units? Did I hear it right?”

The other two salesgirls—who were talking about Jack a moment ago—passed by the three and overheard the conversation. Their jaws dropped to the ground and their eyes were widened as large as saucers. They doubted their ears.

20 units of villas? The commission of these 20 units, for them, would be…

“Sir, no problem, absolutely no problem. Have you circled up?”

The manager of the store and the young salesgirl appeared before Jack again. The manager asked cautiously, with excitement, delight, and joy plastered all over their faces.

After all, if these 20 units were sold off, the manager could receive a lot of bonuses, though it would not be as much as what the young salesgirl would receive.

“Yup. It’s done. Just these 20 units. Let’s sign the contract!”

Jack spilled nonchalantly as he handed the pen and leaflet to the other party.

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