No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0913

“She’s been here less than a month, so what’s wrong with that? Her sales and performance today is something you can’t achieve. You two were with her just now at the entrance, why didn’t the two of you bother serving the two customers and make such a sale?”

The manager retorted. He could not be bothered by their resentment instead, he left to report to the general manager about today’s incident.

The two saleswomen exchanged glances. Right now, they could not feel anything at all other than regrets.

Meanwhile, at this time in Gin City, the head of the Lambert family, as well as Patronum and the elders, were gathered together.

“We couldn’t get hold of Lucas. I’m afraid that something bad has happened. We’ve been trying to contact him for these past few days. And it’s not just him, we couldn’t keep in touch with the other three too. The head of Freeman has been coming over to ask us the whereabouts of his daughter—Snow Freeman. Snow went with Lucas and it’s Lambert’s responsibility to keep her safe!”

The head of the Lambert family frowned. His features were terribly unsightly.

The loss of three Lamberts had already broken the members’ hearts. Moreover, Lucas Lambert was the son of the second master of the Lambert family. They could not get hold of him for the past several days, it was highly likely that they were dead.

The death of Snow Freeman had worsened the situation. Snow was the fiancée of Lucas and the two initially decided to get married soon. However, nobody had expected that bad things would happen to them at this time…

“They went to Eastfield. Looks like sending our men to investigate the matter is the only way.”

An old man finally spoke with a bitter smile on his face.

“Eastfield is just a small city. What kind of person can actually kill the four of them?”

Another person responded to the old man’s suggestion instantly.

The head of Lambert family pondered and then said, “In Eastfield, only some eight-star or nine-star, and God of War is capable of killing them. They went to Eastfield to kill Ivan Taylor because they didn’t expect that Ivan was still alive. But, this time they…”

“The grand wedding that the Taylor family held previously, I heard that the son-in-law is the Gods of War’s exclusive doctor. That’s why all Nine Great Gods of War attended his wedding.”

The grand elder of the Lambert family paused for a moment to ponder over some matter, and then said, “So, I guess Lana Zechs, the Goddess of War in Eastfield had killed them!”

“Damn. How could this Lana Zechs offend the Lambert family just because of some guy named Jack. Doesn’t she know that there’s a more powerful existence backing us?”

The second grand elder barked. His resentment grew within him like a tumor.

The third grand elder had not spoken anything, but his face was the most unsightly among others.

He was no other than Lucas Lambert’s father. The thought of his son dead had caused agonizing wrenching pain in his heart.

“This afternoon I’ll go to meet with the Freeman family, ask them to bring a few good fighters, and go with us to Eastfield. Maybe the head himself will be going because of his daughter’s death!”

The third grand elder—Tao Lambert—balled his fist firmly as he uttered.

“Alright. If we successfully identify the killer, you guys must avenge the four of them!”

The head of Lambert family bobbed his head to give permission. He then added, “Tao, when do you plan to leave?”

“I’ll go to the Freeman family’s residence in a moment and plan with them. We’ll leave early tomorrow morning!”

Tao was gloomy all the while. After finishing his sentence, he took his leave.

The head of the Lambert family could not help but to only breathe out a deep sigh.

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