No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0915

Beside Tianna’s, Blake was also struggling to break free from these people.

The both of them were leaving the house to go shopping. They had sunglasses on and did not have any bodyguards with them. Who knew that they would meet with such an awful incident as soon they stepped out of the house.

“How dare these people kidnap commoners under broad daylight?” Lana could not help and started scolding. She stepped forward and kicked a small pebble she saw by the road. The pebble flew forward and hit one of the men’s thigh.

“Ah!” The man was in so much pain that he almost knelt on the ground.

“Who did that? Are you trying to get yourself killed?” The man was extremely angry. He turned his head around and his eyes lit up when he saw Lana running toward him angrily. “Oh my, it’s a sexy and pretty lady!”

“Are you suicidal? Bring this one with us, maybe our director will like her too!” Another man said with a smile on his face.

“That’s right! She has such a nice body. Haha, she might just get famous if she stars in a movie!” Several men from that group of people temporarily let go while the others continued to hold on to Blake and Tianna.

“I was wondering why their voices sounded so familiar, it’s them!” Jack glanced at the duo. He recognized them although they had on sunglasses.

Lana defeated those people with just a few moves. They fell to the ground and started moaning in pain.

“What sort of director is this? Is he suicidal? How dare he kidnap somebody under broad daylight!” Lana scolded those people. They used all their might to climb up before leaving in their car.

“It’s you!” Blake and Tianna covered their mouths in surprise when they saw Jack amongst the people walking over to them.

“Oh my, you guys came over to Swallow City?” Tianna was in disbelief. She looked at Jack from head to toes. “Thank you so much! We would have been done for if it weren’t for you! Normally we won’t meet with incidents like this. Who knew that we would be so unlucky just as we were about to leave the house!”

“Cough, cough… It’s us… We’ve moved here to start a new life here!” Jack was embarrassed and immediately reminded them. “Oh yes, please don’t tell others that we are from Eastfield. The wedding happened some time ago and not many people remember me and Selena!”

“Don’t worry, we won’t say anything!” Blake smiled as she spoke. How could they go around spreading news about Jack when he had saved both of them? They did not even know how to repay his kindness.

Apart from that, there must be a hidden reason for them to be here as Jack purposely mentioned this to them.

“The car seems to have come from that direction as if they knew that you guys were leaving the house!” Jack thought about it and looked at both ladies.

Soon, he stepped forward and stretched one of his hands out toward Blake’s chest.

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