No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0917

“You… You’re really rich!” said the grinning Tianna.

“Alright then, Jack. Please do join us for dinner when we invite all of you!” Blake smiled and walked back to their houses with Tianna. “I need to go back and change.”

“Alright!” Jack nodded and agreed with a smile. After all, they were famous A-list celebrities, and it would be ungentlemanly if he kept refusing them when they repeatedly mentioned they would like to thank him with a meal.

“It seems that Swallow City isn’t such a peaceful place, too!” exclaimed Selena as the three of them walked on.

“That’s fair. This place is also known as the City of Martial Arts as many masters and powerful people gather here. There’s constant news about how powerful clans or families grow or are wiped out,” remarked Lana with a smile on her face.

“City of Martial Arts? Swallow City has such a name?” Selena frowned; she had never heard of that before.

“Oh, Sister Selena doesn’t know about this yet. There are quite a lot of powerful people in this world. In this City of Martial Arts, many people have worked as bodyguards or opened martial arts clubs since ancient times. This is an old city, so there are many masters here. Because of these ancient practices, the people here like to practice martial arts to stay healthy,” Lana explained patiently to Selena as they walked.

“Oh, I see. I had no idea that Swallow City is such an interesting place!” Selena spoke with a deep realization. “It’s alright, I don’t need to care about all this. I only need to know that both my husband and you, Lana are powerful people. That’s enough for me!”

“Of course! Giving a sense of security to my wife is a must!” Jack chuckled, and the trio talked while they walked, familiarizing themselves with the area.

At the same time, Tanya, Sharon, and Yvonne were drinking coffee in a cafe, seemingly bored.

“Sigh! Why didn’t Jack tell us that he’s leaving? We could’ve at least had a farewell gathering!” At the thought of Jack, Tanya remembered how Jack took her first kiss by accident, and she somehow felt like a piece of her heart was missing.

“That’s right! That guy had the audacity to leave quietly with the entire Taylor family without telling us a word. Hmph!” scoffed Yvonne.

“Well, what could we have done?” murmured Sharon. “He doesn’t like us. Don’t bother denying it; I see how you both fawn over Jack. You two just don’t want to admit it!”

“Nonsense!” Tanya rolled her eyes, refusing to admit it.

“That’s right! That guy is dumb, and I don’t like him!” quipped Yvonne, though she was bitter at the thought. Jack was a flawless man! Could he not just think of having two wives?

Had Jack mentioned it or acted more proactively, Yvonne did not mind being his second or third wife.


The White family butler and the young lady, Beth White had returned to the White family mansion.

Nash White laid on the bed with a pale face, his breaths shallow as he coughed. “How did it go? Did you guys manage to meet Jack and Joan?” he asked weakly.

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