No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0919

“There’s more. Five years ago, Joan was severely ill and needed one million for a surgery…” Titus then went on to tell Nash everything that had happened to Jack and Joan five years ago.

Nash’s fists balled tightly as he gritted his teeth in anger. He supported his body and sat up with the remaining strength he had in him left. “How dare she get someone to act as the butler and even humiliate Jack! I never knew he knelt for one whole night! Lily, you’re really too cruel!” With that, Nash ordered, “Beth, bring the elders here. I have to kill Lily and that Yvette Lagorio! How dare she pretend to be the butler?!”

Nash knew right away the ‘fat woman’ Titus spoke of was Lily’s personal maid, Yvette Lagorio. She was Lily’s maid when Lily married into the White family and had always been under Lily’s lead, loyal to a fault.

“Master, we can’t do that!” Titus was surprised when he heard this and immediately added, “Master, it’s true Madam went out of line, but the White family doesn’t have an actual leader right now. Although you are alive, you’re severely ill. If we have an internal war at this moment, the other families will be over the moon and attack us when we’re occupied with each other! What should we do if we don’t have an actual leader by then?”

Nash knew it himself that he was acting irrationally out of anger.

Although the White family developed speedily and had many masters, the Lagorio family still had many masters working in the White family. The White family might win if they fought wholeheartedly, but they would have suffered severe losses.

Above all things, Nash was dying and would not hold up for much longer. There was a huge possibility that the son he had with Lily had died. They failed to find his body after searching for so long, and it was highly likely that beasts had devoured his body. Moreover, he did not know if Jack would return, willing to inherit the White family’s properties. Under such circumstances, having an internal fight was not a good idea.

“You’re right, I’m acting impulsively.” Nash smiled bitterly. “I still need to tolerate it. For the time being, have the accomplished youths in the White family to better themselves. I really do hope that our White family can have a peaceful relationship with the Lagorio family. However… If Jack returns, Lily would be displeased, what with that insufferable attitude or hers.”

“You need not worry about that, Master. Although Lily is a bad person, she wouldn’t show her bitterness out in the open. After all, the elders are observing and you’re still alive. Still, she might do something under the table to attack Jack when he comes, all while a gentle facade is maintained.” Titus smiled; he understood the madam well.

“That’s for sure…” Nash nodded. “Lily is my wife, and she chose me many years ago. Our family grew stronger and became a real shadow family under the support of the Lagorio family. Forgive her, and spare her life as long as her actions aren’t too overboard.” Nash then asserted, “However, the Ninth Patronum, Brenton White and that woman, Yvette Lagorio have to die! I won’t forgive them for what they did to my son and Joan!”

“That’s right. Brenton is one of the White family members, and nobody knew Lily had bribed him. We can’t keep this person around.”

Beth was deep in thought all the while before she broke her silence, “Master, although Yvette is only Lily’s personal maid, they’ve been together for so many years and are like sisters. Madam won’t let it fly if you’re to kill her, and it might even make her furious.”

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