No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0920

“I don’t care how good their relationship is. She’s just a maid yet had the gall to treat my son so cruelly. Not only did she pretend to be the butler, but she even humiliated him and made him kneel outside for the entire night. Jack is my son, and I have to avenge him…!” Nash’s fists tightened in agitation.

Beth agreed with Nash, thus she nodded and suggested, “Yes, but this it’s not the right time yet. Let’s wait until Young Master Jack comes over; I think that it’s best to find an excuse to kill her if she dares humiliate Young Master Jack when he’s here. That way, you can avenge Young Master Jack for him to see, and he’ll then know how much you do care for him.”

Nash’s eyes lit up when he heard what Beth said. “That’s splendid! Oh, how I wish Jack would come already… It would be nice if he could stay here for a few days, even if he doesn’t want the White family’ inheritance…”

At that moment, Nash wheezed as he broke out into coughs.

By noon, the trio—Jack, Selena, and Lana—had finished walking and had coffee.

Jack noticed a restaurant not that far away from, nicely decorated. “Let’s go have lunch!” suggested Jack. “That restaurant looks nice. Let’s go have a look!”

Meanwhile… “Look at that guy! He’s got two beautiful ladies with him, and I’m just jealous of him at this point!” People began to murmur among one another as they enviously looked at the trio, especially Jack.

“That’s right. It’s already good enough to get just one of these ladies, and this guy has two! Look at how they’re interacting; they must be this guy’s first and second wife!” Some people made bold guesses as they stared at those two pretty ladies.

Jack found a table by the window once they entered the restaurant, and they sat down.

A waitress came over with the menu.

“The dishes here are really expensive!” exclaimed Selena as she looked at the menu.

The same dishes were 50 percent cheaper when they were in Eastfield. That showed Swallow City’s cost of living was much higher than where they came from.

Four men at a table not far away overheard what Selena randomly said.

One of the men, dressed in branded clothes, smiled and walked over. “Dear me, pretty lady, do you think that this is expensive? The dishes in this restaurant do cost a pretty penny, but they’re delicious. Apart from that, the decorations are really pretty, so their business is good. Many rich people like to eat here!”


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