No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0921

The man slightly bent his body as he spoke so that his hand could lean on the side of the table where Selena was sitting. The branded watch on the man’s hand looked very conspicuous.

The man had a small smirk on his face as he showed his branded watch and continued speaking, “It’s nice meeting such pretty ladies. Would the both of you like to be my friends? Let’s exchange contacts. As long as you’re willing to be my friend, I’ll pay for your meal today!”

Young Master Quinton spoke confidently and had a smile on his face. He believed that most pretty ladies could be reeled in with money.

Apart from that, the prices of dishes in this restaurant were nothing to him. Judging from this beautiful lady’s words, they might opt to leave as they could not afford the food in this restaurant. After all, many poor people could not afford the food here, so they would leave after looking at the menu.

He would have sat himself next to these pretty ladies had it not been for the man with them at their table. He did not know what their relationships were.

Regardless, he believed these women would write down his number and contact him secretly later on—assuming they were not idiots. This was not the first time he had such a situation. As long as they accepted his courtship, it meant that there was a possibility that they would come out the next time he asked them out.

The man leered at the two beautiful women, and his heart raced with excitement as he moved nearer to them. He was filled with anticipation as he smelt Selena’s faint fragrance.

What the man failed to realize was that Selena said what she said not because she had no money; she merely exclaimed out of surprise that the level of consumption was somewhat higher when compared to that in Eastfield.

The Taylor family prospered for quite some time, and all the family’s wealth and finances were with her from operating funds, money from the company, and the huge amount they earned from the wedding banquet. How could she not afford a dish in this restaurant?

She would have spent several hundred thousand if she ordered a whole table of fine dishes and wine. That amount was also nothing to them.

Even if Selena was out of the picture, Lana had a lot of money with her too. They would never be in a situation where they could not foot a bill, no matter how expensive it was.

Hence, Selena only smiled indifferently and commented, “Thank you for your great courtesy, Sir. We can pay our own expenses here.”

The corners of Young Master Quinton’s lips slightly twitched. His brothers were looking at him from the other table, and it would only shame him if his offer was turned down.

He was momentarily stunned before he insisted, “Pretty one, why do you want to put yourself in such a bad situation? I’m sure you can afford two slightly cheaper vegetarian dishes, but we as humans should enjoy ourselves. Isn’t it good if we can get a serving of seafood, lobsters, and red wine here?”

The man then straightened himself and gestured toward the Rolls-Royce parked outside, an affirmation of his wealth should Selena be blind to it. “Look, the cars outside are ours. What does that tell you? This means that I have enough money. Be my friend, and you can order whatever you want. I can even pay for the meal if they cost one whole million!”

Selena dumbfounded. She was reasonable in turning the man down, but the man was so persistent.

She smiled indifferently once again and affirmed, “Young master, we know that you’re rich, but we’re not poor. We can afford the food here.”

“Oh dear, they’re not entertaining Young Master Quinton!” Those three men stood up and one of them could not help himself from laughing.

Young Master Quinton’s face darkened when he heard what the men said. He spoke to Selena, “Pretty one, think about this carefully. If you reject me now, don’t blame me for not giving you guys face later!”

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