No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0925

Jack then joined in the meal, and while the dishes were on the pricier side, it genuinely tasted delectable. As they ate, they had some drinks as well.

Ten minutes passed…

“Hey, that Young Master Quinton didn’t come back for revenge. Seems like he’s all bark but no bite when he threatened us just now, and he won’t be coming back!” Lana smiled and raised her glass of red wine. “Jack and Sister-in-law, cheers!”

Selena smiled and said to Lana, “Sure! Still, it’s best to not drink so much in the afternoon so we don’t get drunk!”

“Don’t you worry. Both me and Jack can hold our alcohol down well, so one bottle of wine won’t affect us at all.” Lana finished her red wine in one go, her smile never leaving her face as she looked at Selena. “You should mind your wine though, Sister Selena, and don’t get drunk!”

“I might not be able to hold down that much like you two can, but one or two glasses won’t affect me.” Selena smiled. “After all, I had to drink when I started working for the Taylor family, and I’ve gone through some training.”

“Really? If that’s the case, let’s get another bottle later. This is the first time I’m drinking with you both!” Lana shrugged her shoulder. To be honest, she somewhat envied Selena.

To Lana, Jack was god-like. He was her idol, extremely strong and handsome.

If she did not know that Jack was married and was very faithful to his wife, she would want to be his woman.

Still, Lana knew that Jack thought of her only as a childish disciple.

“Sure! Get us three more bottles of wine, please!” Selena smiled and ordered with the waitress tending to them.

Selena was incredibly touched that the Goddess of War Lana was willing to be by their side and protect them as their bodyguard.

Selena was happy so long as Lana was, even if she got drunk.

“He’s really back with a gang of people!” Lana looked outside and stood up. “Jack, Sister-in-law, please continue your meal. Let me go out and teach them a lesson. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a short while!” Lana walked out after she spoke.

The young master brought quite a huge number of people with him, about 50 to 60 bodyguards. Many of them looked like really strong masters. Their status seemed much better than the previous seven to eight bodyguards.

“It’s her!” A smile appeared on Young Master Quinton’s bruised face when he saw Lana walking out. “not bad. You’re really bold! I was afraid that you guys ran away already. Who knew that you’d still be eating here!”

“How can we leave when we’re halfway through our meal?” Lana laughed and replied, “Where’s your second uncle? Is he here yet? If he is, ask him to come out so I can teach him a lesson!”

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