No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0927

The elder had greater and better combat abilities than the assistant commander and was a head commander of the Quinton family’s bodyguards.

“Attack together!” The head commander would not take chances when he knew how strong Lana was. He gave the rest of the guards a signal—to attack together.

“That’ll save me the trouble if you’re all attacking together!” Lana laughed at the sight of the men rushing toward her, and she nonchalantly met them halfway.

Daunting, blood-curdling noises were heard as several of the Quinton family’s bodyguards flew backward, and they were all on the ground just moments later. Only Young Master Quinton and the three rich young masters—who shared a table with him and drank with him before—stood there dumbfoundedly.

Many passersby gazed at Lana with awe and respect. “How’s that possible? How… How can she be so strong?”

Swallow City was also known as the City of Martial Arts. Most of the people in the city advocated power and worshipped masters very much.

People from the Quinton family had always bullied and oppressed people around this area, and Young Master Quinton was nothing but savage. Still, no one expected to see him getting schooled on that very day.

Lana glanced at the group of four with a slight smirk and said indifferently, “You four, it’s time for you to learn!”

Frightened to the core, Young Master Quinton instantly begged, “D—Don’t…! Pretty lady, we’re only weaklings. What if you end up killing us? I’m the Quinton family’s young master, and you also know that my second uncle is incredibly powerful!”

Once she mulled over her thoughts, Lana then remarked, “Didn’t I tell you that I don’t care about your second uncle? I’m giving you two choices now: One, you receive your punishment from me. Two, kneel here until I finish eating, and then you can leave!”

“Isn’t this woman acting too arrogantly? How dare she look down on a King of War?” blurted one of the bodyguards to his companion.

Another bodyguard thought about it and added, “That’s right. Who’s this woman? Why haven’t we seen her before? She doesn’t seem to be from around this area. If she’s better than the three-star King of War, we’d surely hear about her at some point!”

“How… How can I do that? I… I’m Young Master Quinton!” said Caleb with a grimace. He would be extremely ashamed if others saw him kneeling outside the restaurant under the bright sun.

Lana got closer to the group of four and, rubbing her knuckles, grinningly commented, “You leave me with no choice then. I can only take action since you guys don’t want to kneel here. Sometimes my fists don’t obey me, and my punches and kicks still hurt even when I’m not trying to kill. I might accidentally kill someone if I slightly lose control of my punches!”

The other three rich young masters glanced at each other and knelt while ignoring Young Master Quinton. “We’ll kneel!”

One of them even said, “Pretty lady, please go enjoy your meal!”

Caleb’s face darkened as his lips twitched for a good while. “I’m the Quinton family’s young master,” he uttered. “Are you sure about this?”

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