No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0928

“You still got the guts to threaten me right now!” Lana laughed and questioned, “By the way, how many stars does your second uncle, the King of War have?”

Caleb was embarrassed. This woman had no idea how frightening his second uncle was, yet she dared force him to kneel.

He turned his head to the side and arrogantly scoffed, “Hmph! My second uncle is no one or even two-star King of War—he’s a three-star King of War! Three-stars! Do you get it now? Are you afraid yet? Let us go if you are. If not, all of you will face my uncle’s wrath today!”

“Three-stars? Oh my, I’m so scared! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Lana’s expression intentionally morphed into one of pure fright before it died down into a more neutral expression. “Kneel!” she snapped. “I’ll hit you if you don’t!”

It only occurred to Caleb then that she was mocking him. “How… How dare you toy with me?”

Still, he had no choice but to kneel under Lana’s intense, sharp gaze, all while he gritted his teeth.

“Alright, I’m going in to have my meal. You guys can leave after I’m done with my meal and after I leave!” Lana clapped and walked into the restaurant.

“Who’s this woman? How dare she humiliate us like this!” growled one of the rich young masters once Lana left them.

“Humiliate us? You were the first one to kneel!” Caleb was rather displeased at that. These three were gutless and they caved in all too quickly, kneeling down all too soon. He at least tried to fight back.

“What could we even do, Young Master Quinton? That woman is fearless, and I do believe she’s never lost before. She’s so daring to threaten us. What if she killed us if we didn’t kneel?” muttered one of the young masters with a bitter smile on his face.

“He’s got a point, Young Master Quinton,” another piped in. “You at least have your second uncle supporting you, but we don’t have such support. Our deaths would’ve been in vain!”

The third guy then added, “That’s right. This city is a chaotic one with so many masters, and they don’t care much nor do they care what sort of support you have. They don’t care much about their lives, and there are many desperados who’d kill you before explaining why!”

Caleb had nothing to say to that; they were telling the truth after all.

“What are you guys still lying on the ground for? Stop pretending. I don’t believe that you guys are dying from those beatings!” barked Young Master Quinton as he glared at his bodyguards on the ground.

“Young master, what else can we do apart from lying down here? Moreover, that woman got us real good. Although we’re still alive, our wounds are really bad!” whined one of the guards.

“Come here and kneel beside us too. If not, how shameful will we be when so many people walk past and see us!” Caleb thought about it and continued saying, “Apart from that, you guys can cover me while I call my second uncle. F*ck, I don’t believe that we can’t get back at those people right now!”

The rich young master beside Caleb thought about it and immediately reminded him, “Young Master Quinton, are you sure you want to call your second uncle? You need to know that he’d surely come and punish them on your stead with just one call. After all, he’s really nice to you.”

Then, the young master’s stance shifted as he added, “However, you’ll have to think it through. You won’t be getting those two women. Your uncle might help you, but he hates it when people try to get handsy with civilian women!”

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