No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0929

Caleb frowned at the other young master’s advice. He gave it a thought before he made his decision. “Hmph, I don’t care! We’ll teach them a lesson. I’ll ask my second uncle to hurt that woman. As long as she’s badly injured, the remaining two won’t be a threat. It’d be easy for me to follow these three later on and beat them up myself after my second uncle’s gone.”

Everybody nodded at Caleb’s words.

Meanwhile… “Why are they kneeling on the ground?” As his eyes wandered, Jack noticed the bodyguards kneeling outside the restaurant.

Lana’s eyes wandered to the same direction as she calmly smiled. “Haha…! That guy’s probably unsatisfied and is calling his second uncle. His second uncle is a three-star King of War! I’ll surely teach him a thing or two!”

“Leave him be if he’s a good person at heart and that it’s just his nephew acting up. After all, he’s somebody who fought for the country!” advised Jack after he assessed the situation. “However, if he tries to protect his nephew and is acting aggressive, get one of his fingers.”

“Alright.” Lana nodded and ate her steak in a relaxed manner.

Their conversation stunned Selena.

Why did it feel like Jack was ordering Goddess of War Lana? Why did it feel like Lana listened to everything Jack said?

Was it because Jack was the Great Nine Gods of War’s exclusive doctor? That could not be. Was it not supposed to be the doctors respecting the Gods of War?

“Honey, eat. Eat more!” Jack smiled and placed more food into Selena’s plate.

Eventually, the group of three were full after their meal.

“Why isn’t he here yet?” Lana was slightly impatient as she glanced outside again.

“It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t come over. Let me go pay the bill!” Jack stood up and walked over to pay the bill.

“Young Master Quinton, why isn’t your second uncle here yet? Look, that guy is paying the bill. Dear me, they’re done with their meal and are leaving!” informed one of the bodyguards as he looked into the restaurant.

“No way! F*ck, they are done!” Caleb scowled at the sight. His second uncle had yet to arrive when Jack and his company were leaving after their meal was finished. Locating them would be too much of a hassle. After all, Swallow City—a large city, at that—made it hard for people to locate one another.

“He’s here! He’s here!” At this moment, a car drove into view and was parked not far away. A man in his forties came down from the car.

He was accompanied by two other middle-aged men, and all three of them were rather red in the face due to the alcohol they drank before coming to the restaurant.

“Which woman bullied my nephew?” snapped the man in his forties upon his arrival.

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