No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0930

“Seems to me like he’s full of himself!” Lana smirked when she caught what the man had said, and she then remarked to Jack and Selena, “This guy’s losing one of his fingers after this!”

“Uncle! My dearest uncle! You’re finally here!” Young Master Quinton stood up from the ground as both his legs were numb from the kneeling. “I almost died from being under the sun, and it really doesn’t help that we’re humiliated, kneeling in public!”

“That’s right, King of War Hunter Moore. These people are downright detestable! Not only did they hit us, but they even forced us to kneel under the sun!” one of the young masters helped explain the situation.

“That’s right, King of War Hunter Moore! The woman even boldly claimed that she’s not afraid of you, even if you came!” said the other young master as he stood up and rubbed his knees.

“Uncle, it’s that woman wearing a mask. She’s utterly despicable! I was kind enough to treat them to a meal, but they refused me and said that I was making fun of them for being poor. We started fighting because they spared no respect to the Quinton family!” Caleb immediately pointed at the trio walking over and added details into the story.

“Alright, I get it now!” Hunter nodded and walked several steps forward.

“You guys are rather bold, I’ll give you that. Do you know who this is? This is the Quinton family’s young master and my nephew, yet you guys not only hit him but even made him kneel to you? Are you guys looking down on me, Hunter Moore?” The arrogant-looking Hunter placed both his hands behind his back, seemingly condescending.

“These people are suicidal for looking down on King of War Moore!” The two men that accompanied Hunter seemed to hold important positions as well. They smirked as they eyed Jack and his company.

“Tsk, tsk! You guys won’t even ask about the situation before you start accusing us, huh?” Lana stepped forward and said straightforwardly, “No wonder Young Master Quinton dared to act so arrogantly in this area—he’s got this kind of uncle, that’s why. People always say that the subordinates will surely follow the bad example of the leaders!”

“You’re really naive. How can King of War Moore not know what sort of people Young Master Quinton is?” A man stepped forward and cupped his hands at Lana. “I’m a one-star King of War, and I really want to ask this lady for clarification!”

“Even if my nephew made a mistake, you guys shouldn’t have asked him to kneel here!” Hunter wore a dark expression, seemingly not believing he was mistaken.

“Alright! If that’s the case, we can only resolve this with a fight!” Lana did not want to waste time rambling with those men, thus she waved at the one-star King of War.

“Then I won’t hold back!” The one-star King of War stepped forward and a strong aura surged out of his body. Although this invisible aura could not be seen, it gave people a strong feeling of oppression.

“Hmph!” Lana zipped toward her opponent so quickly that she got right in front of him in mere seconds. She swung her leg and kicked.

“You’re really fast!” Skilled in his own rights, the one-star King of War raised his leg that collided against Lana’s.

“What?!” He initially held no expectations on Lana, but he was evidently surprised by then when he felt how strong she was. Stronger than him, even!

With an audible noise, the one-star King of War flew several meters back as he spun in the air, regaining his footing after a while.

“You’re really good. You’re stronger than me!”

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