No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0931

The one-star King of War’s face darkened.

“Didn’t think you’d be a one-star King of War. It looks like you people plan to help Young Master Quinton no matter the reason or consequences, huh? It does look like some people do change after they return!” commented Jack as he eyed the man with a faint smirk.

“Young man, this isn’t the time for you to speak. We’ll get to you after we’re done with this woman!” barked Hunter as he glared daggers at Jack.

Caleb spoke as he stood by their side, “Uncle, this person is really terrible. You gotta beat her down badly, even if you don’t kill her. Teach her a lesson and make sure that she can’t get out of bed for at least half a month!”

Caleb inwardly sneered. This woman did not seem any stronger than the one-star King of War, and she was surely no match for his uncle. So long as Caleb’s uncle could incapacitate her, they could follow after both women once his uncle left. They could then bring those women to a hotel to enjoy themselves.

As for the guy? Simple; he would be killed.

“Half a month? Are you dreaming?” Lana gave a cold grin as she pointed at Hunter, saying, “Hunter, you’re a three-star King of War. How dare you allow your nephew to do whatever he wants! You’ll receive a severe punishment today from yours truly!”

“You? You want to punish me? You are the one dreaming!” Hunter inwardly smirked. “Who do you think you are? The Goddess of War, or maybe the Supreme Warrior? How does a young girl like you have the rights to punish me?”

He balled his fists tightly and aimed for Lana, and the winds whistled with the velocity of each punch.

“I’m not in the mood to explain anything to you!” Lana felt like Hunter would not believe her anyway. Lana threw her fist as it collided against the opponent’s fist.

Men from the Quinton family anticipated the sight of Lana flying backward.

Which was why it shocked them to see King of War Hunter Moore zipping through the air instead.

Lana caught up with the still-airborne Hunter Moore.

“How can this be? Such speed…is ridiculous!” Hunter’s face turned green as Lana moved at breakneck speed. She had just sent him flying yet managed to catch up to him so quickly.

Lana’s lips curved into a menacing smirk as she sharply punched his abdomen.

Blood spurted out of Hunter’s mouth and his body immediately changed course. He plummeted to the floor.

Hunter’s hurled a mouthful of blood as several thin cracks appeared on the floorboard.

“Uncle!” yelped Caleb as everything unfolded before him—everything happened so quickly. The uncle that he assumed was invincible had been bested by a woman, and the attack seemed rather brutal as well.

“I’m not going to kill you today, but I’ll take one of your fingers as a lesson for you to think of!” Lana looked at Hunter, who laid on the ground and had blood on the corners of his mouth. She took a dagger out and knelt next to him.

“How dare you? I’m a three-star King of War! How dare you attack me after I’ve fought for this country for so many years!” Hunter looked at Lana hatefully.

“How dare you say that you’re a King of War?” With that, Lana flicked the dagger at his hand.

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