No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0932

“Argh!” The pale-faced King of War Moore roared in pain as his finger was severed.

Despite his agony, he glared viciously at Lana instead of showing fear, and the sight of him was downright feral.

Lana sneered, “You don’t seem convinced about your punishment!” Lana calmly stood up as she wiped off the blood on her dagger.

“You’ll definitely regret this!” growled Hunter through gritted teeth.

“This is your lesson. Don’t blame me for ending you next time if you still refuse to repent and change your ways!” commented Lana, a cold smile on her face as she left with Jack and Selena.

The other man who came with Hunter was also a King of War; a two-star King of War at that.

He stayed rooted when he saw Hunter attacking her, and he was utterly floored at the turn of events. Hunter was no match for the woman, and he was defeated in just a short while. The outcome would have been the same had he been the one attacking her; he would have failed as well.

“King of War Moore, are you alright?” A number of the bodyguards stood up and ran to him.

“Uncle, how are you?” Caleb was frightened by what happened and quickly ran over to Hunter’s side. He never thought that the woman would best his uncle so skillfully; he never saw it coming.

“Why is that woman so strong?” Hunter stood up as he held his wrist, saying, “We need to go to the hospital first. F*ck! I won’t let that woman go so easily!”

“Let’s go! We need to hurry to the hospital to stop the bleeding!” The other two Kings of War immediately asked the others to make way so they could send Hunter to the hospital.

“I never thought my uncle would fail to defeat her. Seems like I won’t be able to have my way with both women!” Caleb was disappointed as he looked at the car driving out of his view.

Both women were belles that he rarely came across, and his desire for them only increased due to his defeat. He wanted them to regret what they did. He wanted them to kneel in front of him and beg for his forgiveness.

“Young Master, the woman who had good combat abilities is really good, but the remaining two don’t seem to be good fighters. Even if we can’t get the one with the mask, we might be able to get the other one, no?” suggested one of Caleb’s guards.

Caleb’s eyes lit up as he heard this. “That’s right! Why didn’t I think of that? F*ck, go investigate the three of them and find out where they’re from! I want to know where they’re staying. We’ll snatch the woman right from the man given the chance, or get her when she leaves her house alone!”


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