No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0933

Decision made, Caleb then instructed, “Alright! Move quickly. Both of you, follow them in your car to see where they live. Be smart and keep your distance—don’t let them see you, understand?” After all, the trio had not walked far and they did not come to the restaurant by car. Surely his guards would catch up to them if they followed them swiftly.

“Yes, Young Master!” Both bodyguards nodded respectfully and sneakily followed after Jack, Selena, and Lana.


“We’ve spent half a day outside but haven’t seen any good shops suitable for doing business with!” Selena was extremely tired upon arriving home. She took a bath and laid on the bed. “We don’t need to work, but it definitely won’t work for us if we don’t do some business. People will question us and our backgrounds.”

At that moment…

Members of the Lambert family had arrived in Eastfield and started their investigation secretively.

Hearing the report of the incident, the Lambert family’s third elder, Tao Lambert and the Freeman family’s master, Louis Freeman wore an ill-omened expression.

They found out that Jack and his family had left Eastfield dead of night, anticipating that they would search for them.

The Lamberts discussed among themselves before they came to a decision and barged into the George family’s mansion.

“You are?” Winston George glanced at his bodyguards who were on the floor, injured, as he asked the unwelcomed guests before him, all while he wore an uncongenial expression.

“Master George, it came to my attention that the son-in-law married into the Taylor family, Jack White gifted you a villa before he left. Is that correct? It seems like you people get along rather well,” came Louis’ languid comment

Winston’s face darkened and his heart sank when he heard that. He never expected that the Lamberts from Gin City would come to Eastfield that quickly. More importantly, they went straight to his residence after failing to find Jack and the others.

“Gentlemen, I don’t have a good relationship with Jack, though we’re thankful to him for healing my daughter, and I won’t deny his incredible medical skills! Apart from that, you also know about how all the Gods of War attended Jack and Selena’s wedding. Anybody in their right mind would attend their wedding and try to please them. At the very least, we had to maintain a good relationship with them as we’re afraid of offending them. Our family did the same.” Winston smiled indifferently, momentarily pausing before he concluded, “We, the George family, are the same as any other families. We try to keep a good relationship with Jack and the Taylors, and we don’t know anything else about them!”

Winston’s answer seemed to make sense to Louis, but he still pressed on, “If you don’t have a good relationship, why did they give the villa to you?”

“They left in such a hurry that they couldn’t get rid of the villa in such a short time, and it didn’t help that a dozen people wanted to kill them before they left. Jack killed the assassins, though, and the ground was littered with bodies everywhere. They asked me to help them get rid of the bodies as they’ve disbanded their bodyguards previously and were only left with a meager handful.

“They gave me the villa so that I can send people to clean up the bodies. I mean, why else would they just hand me the entire villa like that?” Winston laughed. He did not want to lie to them about things like this; they were intelligent and would know everything with just a simple investigation. They would not be interacting with them so nicely if they knew he lied to them.

These people were powerful masters, and they could not offend any of them.

Louis could tell Winston was not lying to him after hearing his entire explanation. He thought of it and said, “Oh, right, do you know which way they headed off to? You must know something, right?”

Winston smiled bitterly. “How would we know? Jack’s no fool, and they left in the middle of the night. They must’ve been hyper-alert that others would see them and know which way they headed off to!”

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