No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0934

Louis did not know what to say after hearing Winston’s answer. He went silent for a moment as he thought things through before he commented, “How about this: We’ll leave now, but we’ll leave our contacts with you. Call us as soon as you receive any news about them, know where they’ve gone, or if they’re back. As long as you provide us useful news, we’ll give you a handsome reward as our thanks.”

“Alright, don’t you worry, gentlemen. I’ll surely contact you once I have news about them!” Winston nodded and agreed to it.

“Excellent.” Louis nodded and left with Tao and his subordinates.

Winston wiped the cold sweat on his forehead after they left his mansion. “They almost gave me a heart attack. They’ve brought more than a hundred people with them, and there must be a lot of masters in their ranks!”

At this moment, Sharon—who had been standing behind Winston and the others—walked forward. “Jack and the others made a wise decision. Who would’ve known that these people would come looking for them in such a short period of time. They’d be in so much trouble if they hadn’t left!”

“I wonder if Goddess of War Lana can match up to those people. Of course, Lana can’t always be next to Jack and his family, no? What if these people manage to catch up with Jack and the others before they leave? They might be dead by the time Lana manages to catch up with them!” Winston wiped his cold sweat as he spoke.

“That’s right. Although Jack has a good relationship with these Gods of War, the Lambert family is a powerful family from Gin City. Who knows if the Gods of War will offend such a big power for Jack and his family!” A thought then occurred to Sharon as she hastily said, “I need to quickly call Miss Selena and get her to change their phone numbers. I’m afraid that they’ll locate Jack and the others with their phones if they manage to catch one of the Taylors’ extended relatives!”

Winston nodded after he heard what Sharon said. “Definitely. Jack and the others helped us greatly, and Jack is an incredibly great person. I suspect that he was the one to have overturned several clas, or perhaps he asked someone else. Our lives had gotten better without those forces causing trouble!”

Sharon nodded. “If they hadn’t offended the Lamberts the Taylors would’ve surpassed the Drakes. Now that the Taylors have left Eastfield, the Drakes benefit the most from all this. Powerful clans like the Eagle Clan and Kingston Hall have disappeared, and nobody can stop the Drakes on their path of expansion.”

“Yes, but the Drakes are reasonable people, luckily,” said Winston with a small nod on her head. “By the way, I heard that nobody could reach the Goddess of War Lana these couple of days. Nobody saw her leaving her house.”

A frown appeared on her face as Sharon thought things through. “Could she have left with Jack and the others? That’d be for the best. Lana’s skilled in combat after all, and Jack and the others would be much safer with her!”

Winston inwardly sighed when he saw his daughter’s happy expression. “Sharon, I know that you like Jack very much, but he’s a married man and shares a beautiful relationship with his wife. Above all, he’s rather far above the pedestal and doesn’t share your feelings for him.”

“Sigh! I really hope that you can let go of those feelings and start to look for a man who’s good for you. Find a boyfriend so that your mother and I can stop worrying about you.”

Sharon’s smile immediately disappeared. She pursed her lips and said, “Father, I understand the situation. Jack truly is a stellar individual, and we may not be suitable for each other. Don’t you worry, I’ll see if there’s someone I like and I’ll try to get into a relationship. I’ll treat Jack as a dear friend of mine.”

“Good. My Sharon has grown up!” Winston nodded in satisfaction and soon went back into the house.

At that moment, Jack, Selena, and the others were enjoying their meal when Selena received a text message.

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