No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0936

In the evening, Jack and Selena were once again on the bed after they took their baths.

Jack could not help but hug and kiss the pretty woman in front of him.

“Aren’t you tired?” Selena blushed with a shy expression on her face.

Selena frowned as she looked at the weird scar on Jack’s arm after he took off his clothes. She said, “Honey, I feel weird every time I see this scar on your arm. Why does it look like a huge fish scale? Apart from that, since you have such good medical skills, why can’t you get rid of it?”

Jack smiled bitterly after he heard what she said, “It’s not so easy to get rid of this scar but it might be gone soon!”

Jack kissed Selena after he spoke.

The next morning, the bodyguards came before Young Master Quinton.

“Young master, we’ve inquired clearly and the three of them are staying at the same place. Apart from that, they have also just arrived recently. I think they’re a family who recently moved from another city and just got settled in here. They bought 20 villas in one shot!” The bodyguard greeted Caleb and said.

“What? They’ve just arrived here? F*ck, they dare act so outrageously when they’ve just reached this place? They even dared to hit my second uncle!” Caleb frowned and said. “My second uncle knows many masters. I need to act quickly and make my move soon as my uncle is really angry at these people. If my uncle finds out where they’re staying and send masters over to kill them, wouldn’t I lose my chances to touch that gentle beauty?”

The bodyguard also nodded and suggested, “Young master, how about this? Get several people to guard their door every day. Get them to wait and to immediately call you when that woman comes out alone or with her boyfriend. How does that sound?”

“Alright, you go and make the arrangements. Don’t call me immediately. Catch the girl and bring her to the hotel before you call me!” Caleb smiled indifferently. “It wouldn’t be a problem to handle a woman, right? That man looks like he does not have any combat abilities. If not, why didn’t he say anything the other day?”

“Alright, young master. We’re getting it done now!” The bodyguard nodded and left to make the arrangements.

In White’s family mansion, the Ninth Patronum, Brenton White, walked toward the madam, Lily Lagorio with a heavy expression on his face.

“Madam, we’re in trouble!” Brenton said to Lily with a frown on his face.

“What happened?” Lily drank the tea in her cup and asked with a frown.

“Two days ago, I still had contact with those people. They said that both the butler and Beth White went looking for Jack and Joan. Although I don’t know why, they must be there to persuade Jack to come back!” Brenton was speechless. “The young master has disappeared for such a long time, many people must have thought that the young master had definitely died. Our people didn’t manage to find the young master so Nash White must be thinking about getting Jack back to inherit the White family’s properties now that he’s dying!”

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