No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0937

Lily’s face darkened when she heard what Brenton said. She held the teacup with all her might and the teacup turned into dust with a bang.

She stood up and said angrily, “Is there nobody else in the White family? Can’t the other young people in the White family be the inheritor? Anybody can be the next master apart from Jack White!”

She looked at Brenton after she spoke. “Oh yes, did Jack come back with them? You said that we’re in trouble, does that mean that Jack has returned with them? If that’s the case, I’ve sent so many people and none of them are Beth and the butler’s opponents. F*ck, I can’t get them killed on the way!”

Only then did Brenton replied to her, “Our people told me that Jack doesn’t want to come back with them because of what happened previously so the butler and Beth came back by themselves! I told my people to make a move after they leave!” Brenton paused here before speaking again. “However, I’ve been calling them since yesterday and I failed to make contact. I think that they’re all dead and I don’t know what’s the situation!”

“You’re telling me that our people started taking action after Beth and the others left but they still ended up dead?” Lily inhaled a deep breath and exclaimed. “Sh*t, if that’s the case, that means Jack might have really strong combat powers? If not, how could he kill people from the White family? We sent several of them!”

Brenton shook his head. “This might not be the case. There’s a possibility Jack has masters helping him. After all, he’s quite rich and powerful in Eastfield. He might have hired a couple of strong bodyguards!”

“Our people did not expose their identities and said that they were from the White family, right?” Lily thought about it and asked.

“Definitely not. I told them to not expose their identities and to just kill Jack!” Brenton said confidently.

“Let’s hope that Jack has a master with him. If he really has the strength to kill our people, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t come back to the White family. If he really does, Nash and the others from the White family will focus on training him. They will help him to be the White family’s inheritor whole-heartedly!” Lily was also upset when she thought about it. “No, we can’t let Jack back no matter what happens. Continue to send people over. Jack might not know who wants him dead since they did not expose their identities. Don’t act carelessly this time, send several really good ones over!”

“Yes, madam!” Brenton nodded.

“Go get things done. Don’t you worry, I won’t forget about you after we’re done.” Lily finally waved and asked Brenton to leave.

She thought about it before sending someone to get the third elder over.

“Madam, how can I help you? Are you missing me so early in the day?” The third elder smirked and hugged Lily from behind after he closed the door.

Lily directly rolled her eyes at him and pushed him away. “I ask for you to be here today to discuss something serious.”

“What’s there to worry about? Nash is dying. We just need to wait for another two to three months and we have nothing to worry about after he dies!” The third elder smirked and his hand started exploring Lily’s body.


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