No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0938

”Stop it!” Lily escaped from the third elder’s hug and gave him a flirtatious look. “I need you to do something important. You need to add another 200 people to look for my son and get him back! Do you understand?”

The third elder’s face slightly darkened when he heard this and he said helplessly, “Babe, do you think that I don’t want to get Lance back? We’ve sent hundreds of people searching for him previously. That unknown forest is very deep in, and the landscape is very complicated. Do you know how difficult it is to search for one person there? Apart from that, there are many beasts inside. If we are not careful, our people might die there!”

However, Lily responded with a cold expression. “I’m asking you to find one person, we’re looking for several people. Lance went in with several people so they must have left some trails, right? Since you also said that the forest is very big and deep, we must not have sent enough people in. It would work if you send another 200 people! Apart from that, the people who went in would be much safer with the extra number of people we are sending in!”

The third elder sighed. “Honey, do you think that only we, the White family members, are worried? We’ve already sent lots of people and the families of those who went in with the young master also sent people in. Now, the forest has thousands of people searching for them. The most crucial point is that they still can’t find anything after searching for two months. So, the young master and the others might have…”

“Impossible, my son cannot be dead. He’s so talented! He might be stuck in there! That must be it. You have to search for him, add more people and search for him!” Lily’s eyes were red and she looked crazy.

“Okay, okay! I will make the preparations tomorrow, alright?!” Although the third elder was impatient, he could only agree to make Lily happy.

“That’s more like it. Nothing will happen to my son!” Lily’s emotions calmed down a bit. “You might not know this but that young man, Jack, might be coming back.”

“You mean the bastard child of the master and that woman?” The third elder frowned and finally realized why Lily was in such a hurry to get the eldest young master back. She was afraid of Jack’s return.

“Yes. I discovered the butler and Miss Beth leaving with several people some days ago. I felt that something was not right so I sent someone to follow them in secret. As a result, our people discovered that Titus and Beth really went looking for Joan and Jack. They might be thinking about bringing them back here! However, I secretly severed the relationship between the father and son. This caused Jack to hate Nash so he did not return with Titus and the others!” Lily said slowly.

“F*ck, luckily they did not return together. Now that everybody thinks that the eldest young master is dead and if we fail to find him within another two to three months, Nash might ask Jack to inherit the position of the White family master when he dies. That would be troublesome for us!” The third elder could not help but inhale a deep breath after he heard what Lily said and finally acknowledged the seriousness of the issue.

After thinking about it, the third elder spoke again. “Since Titus and the others are back without Jack and that woman, why don’t you send people over to kill them? We can get rid of the threat once and for all. Previously, they weren’t a threat to us because the master never contacted them and the eldest young master was really talented. However, it’s different now that the young master is missing and the master is very ill. If Jack returns, the White family members will definitely help Jack to raise his strength and be the White family master!”

Lily smiled bitterly. “Do you think I did try that? I lost contact with the people I sent over and they might be dead.”

“How’s that possible? Were the people we sent over very weak? That’s impossible. Our people are from a shadow family and any one of them is a one in a million master. How can they fail to kill a pair of mother and son?” The third elder was once again surprised. Everything seemed to have gone out of his control.

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