No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0939

“I’m not sure either. Maybe Jack just grew a lot stronger returning from the battlefield or he had someone helping him. Our men have heard of rumors that Jack has an excellent relationship with the Goddess of War from Eastfield. I suspect that either the Goddess of War has a hand in this, or the Taylor family is rich enough to hire better bodyguards to protect them now!”

Lily speculated after she thought about it.

“Then what will you do now?”

The third Grand Elder frowned. “From the looks of it, Jack and Joan can’t stay!”

“I’ve already assigned Patronum to take care of them. This time, he’ll be recruiting stronger fighters in bigger numbers!”

Lily gave a frosty smile. “Even if my son is dead, I will never let Jack become the White family head. Never!”

“Mmhmm. It should be fine since you’ve already assigned people to the job.”

The third grand elder gave a small smile. Then he had his arms wrapped around Lily in a flash. “We haven’t been together in so long, babe. Let’s enjoy ourselves tonight. Don’t worry. I’ll send 200 men to help you find Lance tomorrow!”

“Now we’re talking!”

Lily rolled her eyes at him as he carried her onto the bed.

“They’re out, they’re out!”

At this moment, outside the villa where Jack and the others were staying, a few cars were parked nearby.

Soon enough, a bodyguard in the car—who was from the Quinton family—immediately told the bodyguard beside him.

“Excellent. The masked woman isn’t out, only that man and woman have come out this time. They won’t be very strong fighters, probably. This will make our job easier!”

The other bodyguard observed Jack and Selena as they emerged out of the house, grinning. The people in the car were extremely excited.

They waited until Jack and Selena took a few more steps forward, then the cars zoomed and screeched to a halt right beside them.

17 to 18 bodyguards from the Quinton family quickly emerged from the vehicles and circled Jack and Selena.

“Who are you?”

Jack noticed the delighted expressions on their faces, and he sensed that they did not come here out of goodwill. He furrowed his brows and asked.

“You offended Young Master Quinton, and you think that you can escape?”

One of the bodyguards flashed a cold smile. “Our young master has his eyes on the woman here. As for you, he has his eyes on your life!”

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