No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0940

“Your young master has pretty good taste. He has his eyes on lots of things. It’s a pity that he doesn’t have the right to do so!”

Jack guffawed when he heard that; disdain sharpened his gaze.

“Let’s get him first!”

The bodyguard did not waste any more time talking. He extended an arm and latched his fingers onto Jack.

The next second, Jack was catching the bodyguard’s wrist. He twisted the other man’s arm, and a sickening snap of bones breaking rang out.

The bodyguard from the Quinton family immediately released an agonized yelp. He was in so much pain that all color was leached from his face, and he keeled over.

“Do you have a death wish?”

Another two bodyguards were stunned for a moment at the sight of such strength from Jack. They quickly recovered and lashed out at the same time, attacking him from both sides.

Jack sent two fists flying in rapid succession. The two men flew backward in a split second.

“No way!”

The other bodyguards were all taken aback at the sight. They rushed forward, attacking Jack.

The bodyguards were pretty skilled in martial arts. It was rare to find bodyguards of their caliber back in Eastfield, and a few of them were probably as strong as head commanders.

However, they were nothing to Jack. All of them were downed in less than ten seconds.

Quite a few of them were in so much pain that they fainted. A number of them had their ribs broken as well.

“Go back and tell your master that we’re not people he can offend that easily. So he better not come looking for trouble again. Otherwise, he probably won’t have a chance to regret his decision!”

Jack shot a cold stare at the men writhing on the ground. He spat those words before he took Selena’s hand and stalked away.

“Let’s go!”

The bodyguards were all in utter shock. They took their injured men and left the place in a hurry.


In the garden of a villa, Caleb was absolutely furious when he received the report from his bodyguards. “You’re telling me that those men were no match for him? He defeated more than a dozen of you, alone?”

“That’s right, Young Master. We never expected him to be so strong either. His fighting prowess probably matches that of our assistant commander!”

One of the bodyguards released a sigh. “Quite a few of us are still being hospitalized. More than a few have their ribs broken!”

“We were careless. We never expected him to be so strong! Maybe that woman can fight as well. But they’re probably no match for the masked woman from the other day, so they didn’t show up then! Seems like they’re as strong as generals, really!”

Caleb drew his brows together. His expression darkened. If that was the case, it meant that he would have no chance of getting that woman.

“So you’re saying that the two were going out for a walk?”

He thought about the situation, then Caleb could not help but ask.

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