No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0941

“Yes, Young Master! Why?”

The bodyguard was confused. He did not understand why the young master would suddenly ask that question.

The corners of Caleb’s lips curved upward. “In which direction? If they were walking, they should be nearby. They couldn’t have walked that far. Hmph. Since it’s going to be difficult to get that woman, so it seems like I’ll have to learn to share!”


The bodyguards before him exchanged glances. All of them were bewildered.

“No need to think so much about it. Just tell me where he went!”

Caleb spoke again.

“They were walking toward Cornflower Street. Right, there’s a famous street there that attracts a lot of rich people. There are plenty of upscale neighborhoods around there, where there are plenty of villas!”

One of the bodyguards replied after he thought about it, “I think it’s highly likely that they went there to stroll around Waltz Street!”

“All right. Got it. Go down and take a rest and see Little Jake. Get him to withdraw one million dollars from the account, and divide the money for the injured men. Make sure all of you get a good rest!”

Caleb gave his orders and recruited three to four bodyguards before driving off.

“Young Master Caleb, where are we going?”

In the car, one of the bodyguards asked.

Caleb gave a cold smile. “I’m going to look for Peace!”

“That fatty?”

The bodyguards were confused when they heard the reply. Peace loved physical beauty, but he did not have many friends because he was fat.

Additionally, Young Master Peace Chaffman did not have a good reputation, so many other young masters could not be bothered to interact with him.

However, the Chaffman family was a true blueblood family. In Swallow City, also known as the City of Martial Arts, they were a true second-class aristocratic family. They had plenty of fighters in the family.

Meanwhile, the Quinton family was not even a third-class aristocratic family. True, he could rely on his uncle to kill Jack, the masked woman, and Selena but it meant that he would not even be able to get a single woman.

He had been beaten and humiliated. He would never be at peace if he could not touch a single woman.

That was why he could only go to Peace for help this time.

The Chaffman family’s residence was not too far away, so Caleb quickly arrived at their villa and looked for Peace.

“What a surprise, Young Master Quinton. What brings you here? I never thought I’d see the day where you would visit me!”

Peace was truly like a pig, his cheeks were fat and blushing red.

Yet he had two sexy women on both sides. His eyes narrowed into a smile; it was obvious that he was happy.

It seemed that Caleb had been expecting a scene like this. He sat down on the side and smiled. “You’re so suave, Young Master Chaffman. It’s so early in the morning, yet you’ve already found yourself, two beautiful women. Tsk tsk. You’re so admirable!”

“I am?”

Peace was slightly taken aback. He gave a light push, and one of the women stumbled forward. “Why don’t you play around with one? You’re our guest now since you’re here. Of course, I must extend my hospitality!”

Caleb was speechless for a moment, but he stroked the woman’s cheek, chucking. “These two women are indeed beautiful, hot and sexy, but they lack some sort of…aura,” he said, smiling. “I found a beauty the past two days who’s a true treasure in the trove. Her body, her face, and her dignified aura—heh, your two beauties here are nothing compared to her!”

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