No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0942

When he heard this, the smile on Peace’s face immediately dropped. Instead, he looked angry.

Peace had met plenty of beautiful women before. He thought of himself as a connoisseur of true beauty, and that no normal person could match his eye.

The two models he had found today were quite beautiful. He never thought that Caleb would comment that they were nothing compared to the beauty he had found.

Before Peace could say anything, the two models were evidently unhappy too. “Young Master Quinton, you must be joking, right?” one of them said, her expression stony. “We’re the top models for plenty of car showcases. And you’re saying that we’re nothing compared to this other woman? You’re exaggerating!”

“You two are good looking, but you lack a certain quality of a woman. A gentle aura, coupled with a sense of generosity—topped off with unrivaled beauty, the kind that immediately captures you when you see it. And the more you see it, the more enthralled you’ll be!”

Caleb maintained his smile. “If I, Caleb Quinton, spew a single lie,” he said simply, “may the gods strike me!”

“There’s really a woman like that?”

Peace’s eyes brightened when Caleb swore. He instantly leaped to his feet and asked eagerly.

“Of course. It’s a pity that she already has a man though. How troublesome!”

Caleb released a long sigh on purpose, speaking with a tinge of forlornness.

“you came over just to tell me this, Young Master Quinton? To tell me that the women I have aren’t as pretty as the one you saw?”

Peace chuckled, obviously displeased.

Caleb quickly waved his hands. “No, no. Don’t misunderstand me, Young Master Chaffman. I had no such intentions. I was just overwhelmed after seeing her. Every time I think about her, I’m reminded that I can’t touch her, and it’s agonizing!”

Peace slowly became interested as well. “There’s really a woman like that? What’s her name? Can you take me to see her, Young Master Quinton?”

“Of course. She just went out—shopping, probably. Let’s go and see. You’ll expand your horizons, Young Master Chaffman!”

Caleb was delighted. He was well aware that there was no way Selena could run away once Peace was interested.

He thought about it, then he added, “As for her name, I think she’s called Selena!”


Peace was stunned. “Hmm. A good name!”

“Young Master Chaffman? Then–then what about the two of us?”

The two models suddenly clutched onto either one of Peace’s arms, simpering.

“Go off first. Come see me another day!”

Peace chuckled and took out a few thousand dollars, flinging it at the women. “Go buy yourselves a meal and take a good rest. I’ll be spoiling you in two days!”

“You said it yourself, Young Master Chaffman. Don’t you go back on your word!”

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