No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0943

The two women immediately bent over and picked up the money.

“Let’s go. Young Master Quinton, I’m really looking forward to seeing if this woman you speak of is as beautiful as you say she is!”

Peace stroked his nonexistent chin and got ready to leave.

Caleb noticed the bodyguards accompanying Peace, and he furrowed his brows. “Young Master Chaffman, are your bodyguards strong? Aren’t there too few of them? I’m telling you, you’ll probably want to find some way to get that woman once you see her!”

“don’t worry. My bodyguards are pretty strong. They wouldn’t be hired otherwise.”

Peace laughed. Then he added, “Speak no more, Young Master Quinton. The more you do, the more anxious I get. I really want to see her. If she truly is that beautiful, you’ve struck lottery!”

Caleb chuckled. “Look at you. I knew that you like beautiful women, and I knew that you had exquisite taste. I just wanted to introduce her to you!”

“Tell me, what do you want? Money? One million seems too little. If she’s that beautiful, I’ll give you ten million. How does that sound?”

Peace gave a small smile as he spoke after he thought about it.

He was well aware that Caleb would want some form of compensation, suddenly introducing a beautiful woman to him like that. Giving ten million dollars was no problem in exchange for a top-class woman, so long as he was satisfied. Besides, he would be establishing a friendship, and they might work together in the future.

“Young Master Chaffman, I’ve always admired you. I would never want money from you! I see you as my big brother!”

Caleb smiled. “But of course I do want some small reward, telling you all this,” he said. “This woman’s husband is a strong fighter. All of my bodyguards were absolutely useless. F*ck. There were more than a dozen of them, and they couldn’t even take him down. So I’ll tell you straight, Young Master Chaffman—I was hoping that you could help me take that woman and kill her husband!”

“So that’s the case!”

Peace came to a realization. “The bodyguards from the Quinton family are truly useless. They couldn’t handle one man? Seems like the husband is probably as strong as a head commander or a major. Don’t you worry, my bodyguards are anything but weak!”

“Your words give me such reassurance!”

Caleb was elated when he heard that. “You’re truly reliable, Young Master Chaffman! From now on, you’re my big bro. When we get this woman, you can have a taste of her first. I don’t mind going later!”

“Seems like you’re getting antsy. You really take after me!”

Peace guffawed and gently clapped a hand on Caleb’s shoulder. “All right. I will recognize you like my little bro from now on. But if this woman isn’t as beautiful as you promised she would be, I’ll be beating you up for wasting my time!”

Caleb’s insides grew cold. He had long known that Peace was intelligent, but he was infamous for his mood swings as well. He needed to tread carefully around the fatty. If he accidentally riled the fatty up with his words, he would be signing a death warrant.

It was because of this that he did not interact much with young masters from second-class aristocratic families. If not for the beautiful woman, he would never have thought about talking to Peace in the first place.

“What’s wrong? What are you thinking about? Getting cold feet now? Don’t tell me you were bluffing just now?”

Peace noticed that Caleb was momentarily stunned. His eyes curved into narrow slits, and his voice iced over.

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