No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0944

“I wasn’t bluffing. Not at all!”

Caleb was so shocked that he quickly waved his hands. “Young Master Chaffman, think about it. I don’t even want the ten million dollars you offered. I just want that woman. Isn’t that an indication of that woman’s beauty already?”

“I was just joking. Wanted to see you nervous!”

Peace suddenly burst into laughter. Then he waved a hand. “Get on the car. We’ll go look around Waltz Street and see if she’s there. If not, we’ll just go straight to her place to grab her!”

“You’re so decisive, Young Master Chaffman. You don’t waste a single second!”

Caleb immediately flattered Peace.

Soon enough, three Audis drove straight out of the entrance of the villa.

“Oh, right. I really think that all women are gold diggers. Why don’t we try and see if we can use money to solve the issue first!”

In the car, Peace smoked on a cigar, considering the situation. Then he spoke.

“It might be difficult. The other day, I told them I would treat them to a meal—to whatever they liked, so long as she gave her number. They refused!”

Caleb replied after thinking about it.

Surprisingly, contempt swept over Peace’s expression. “You’re too naïve. You’re just treating them to a meal that costs—what, a million? Two million dollars? And you think you can get her just like that? You said it yourself. She’s such a beautiful woman. Plenty of men will have their eyes on her. Her own husband is probably rich too. Of course, that bit of money won’t have the slightest effect on her!”

The corners of Peace’s mouth quirked upward. He took another long drag out of the cigar before saying, “I’ll give it a try later. I’ll offer her ten million dollars, then one hundred million. I don’t believe that she’ll refuse. Hah!”

“One hundred million?”

Caleb frowned. “Young Master Chaffman, isn’t one hundred million a bit too much just to bed her?”

“What do you know? I won’t be running a loss if she’s as beautiful as you say she is. I’ll give her one hundred million and tell her to be with me. It’s not like I’ll sleep with her just one time!”

Peace chuckled. He added, “Of course, she’ll be my woman if she’s willing to, and you can’t touch her. But I’ll let you try her out if she doesn’t agree—after I’m done with her, of course. Then we’ll kill her! I prefer obedient women. No way I’m keeping a defiant woman!”

Panic suddenly filled Caleb. What if that woman was really dazzled by the money and agreed to be with Peace? That would mean that he would have done all this for nothing. He would not get a single benefit at the end of the day.

“Then–then what if she refuses despite the money?”

After he thought about it, Caleb could not help but ask.

“We’ll see what she’ll do from there. If one hundred million isn’t enough, I’ll offer two. If she refuses that, I’ll just get my men to take her away. Even the most beautiful woman on earth would be worth around that!”

Peace guffawed. “I believe that plenty of women would be willing to accompany you so long as you spend a bit of money. And you can get any woman you want at any time!”

Caleb’s features twisted into an unreadable expression when he heard this. She would probably easily agree to two hundred million dollars. It was a huge sum of money, after all.

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