No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0945

Soon, they found a place to halt their car. On their way there, they did not see Jack nor Selena. Perhaps, they had really gone to Waltz Street.

“Let’s get out of the car. We’ll knock around Waltz Street, and if we don’t see that woman, then we’ll go to where they live!”

Peace said with a wicked smile plastered on his face. Caleb gave the matter some thoughts and then reminded Peace. “Young Master Chaffman, that is a bad idea. It won’t work! I almost forgot to inform you that, other than Jack and Selena, there is another woman who is wearing a mask that blocks half of her face. That woman, wow, has a really hot body. She has a totally different aura and temperament compared to the woman that I told you about. The two are different types!”

Peace’s eyes immediately lit up as bright as a lightbulb upon hearing Caleb’s claim. “What the heck! Why did you only tell me now? There are two beautiful women, it wouldn’t be logical if I only want one of them! Why don’t we get both of them?”

However, a bitter smile hung at the corner of Caleb’s mouth. “Actually…I wanted to remind you to not go to where they live, this is because the hot woman’s combat prowess is totally another level. She is stronger than my second uncle, he is not even her opponent! My second uncle was beaten badly by her yesterday, and even got his finger cut off!”

“What the f*ck? It can’t be! Your second uncle is a three-star King of War, right? He can’t even win against that woman?”

Peace was stunned at this piece of information. “No wonder…no wonder you thought of coming to me. Young Master Quinton, it turns out that your second uncle couldn’t even defeat that woman. In that case, we can’t go to their house then. Alright, first we’ll get the first woman you told me, and as for the hot woman, I’ll get someone strong in my family to get her next time. This plan should be no problem!”

“Peace, you should do that! There’s a lot of top-notch fighters in the Chaffman family, your family can definitely defeat that woman. Hmmm. With these bodyguards that you brought along today, it would be considered fortunate if they could take care of that man. As for the woman that wears a mask, I guess she is at least a four-star Queen of War!”

Caleb chuckled.

The two strolled along Waltz Street for a while but did not see any sign of Jack nor Selena. They were a little disappointed.

“Look, over there! The women’s clothing store!”

Suddenly, Caleb noticed two familiar figures coming out from a women’s clothing store. He pointed in that direction and almost jumped for joy!

Peace instantly looked in the pointed direction and his eyes brightened up. “Wow, wow, wow! I haven’t even seen her face; her back is already making my heart beat frantically. And look at her silky hair and her alluring body. This is so amazing! She releases a noble yet amiable aura!”

“Let’s go! Chop chop!”

Peace could not wait any longer. He gestured for everyone to follow him and marched toward Jack and Selena.

Soon, a group of men chased up to Jack and Selena and stopped them from their path.

“Young Master Quinton, heh, it’s only this morning your bodyguards were badly beaten up. And now you’re here again with a new batch of bodyguards?”

Jack stared at the people before him. He could not help but let out a small laugh. “Didn’t I ask your bodyguard to bring you a message? That you should stop pursuing! We’re people that you can’t afford to offend. Why are you here again with another batch of bodyguards? You’re really like a roach, aren’t you? Stubborn, annoying, and stinky!”

Selena smiled in disdain as well. “A dozen of your men weren’t even my husband’s match this morning. Why on earth do you think only several of them could defeat my husband this time?”

“Hmph! Do you think I’m that stupid?”

Caleb snorted coldly. “This is Young Master Chaffman, and they’re his personal bodyguards! They’re no ordinary lousy fighters; their combat ability is surely a lot stronger than mine!”

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