No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0946

“I see. I thought they’re your bodyguards. So, you’re getting some help from others, aren’t you?”

Jack could not hold back but let out a loud laugh.

“Perfect! Only the word ‘perfect’ can be used to describe her! This woman is stunning; she is basically a goddess!”

Peace, on the other hand, could not be bothered about whose bodyguards and what bodyguards. His gaze was fixated at Selena’s perfect face. He looked like a silly person, drooling over a beauty before him.

“Stinky fatty, have you stared enough? If yes, then get lost!”

Jack was annoyed by Peace’s perverted gaze and face. He reprimanded impatiently.

“Brat, watch your mouth! You certainly have a death wish, huh? How dare you talk to our young master in such a manner? Don’t you know how wealthy and powerful our young master is?”

One of Peace’s bodyguards casted Jack a deadly stare as he barked. He looked like he was about to charge forward and strike.

“Shush! Keep your voice low! Don’t you dare frighten this beautiful lady!”

To everyone’s surprise, Peace yelled at that bodyguard.

After he shut the bodyguard’s mouth, he then wheeled around and laughed. “Hey, beauty, I desire you and I’ll make you my woman. Don’t worry, I’ll pay you a mountain, 10 million, how about that?”

Selena’s tongue was tied at the situation, and she shot the other party a fierce and stoic glance. “Dream on, you fool!”

“Oh, 10 million is too little, right? I guess that you’ll definitely not agree to this amount, and if you did, I’ll feel weird!”

Peace had a playful look on his face, and then he offered again, “How about…100 million?”

Selena was even more speechless and could not bother to continue the conversation anymore. The fierce and stoic glances that were shot at Peace stayed.

“Still too little, right? Ha-ha! Good! I like this kind of prideful attitude! How about one billion? I’ve never offered such an amount before. As long as you leave this man, I’ll give you a billion, sounds good right? And you don’t have to worry about anything for the rest of your life!”

Peace laughed aloud. Not only did he not get pissed off, but his fondness toward Selena grew even stronger.

Young Master Quinton—who stood beside Peace—was icy with nervousness upon hearing Peace’s offer.

One billion, this price was too high. Before this, did Peace not say that he would offer at most 200 hundred million?

Moreover, Peace expressed that if the other party did not agree to 200 million, he would take her away by force and share her with him.

Caleb did not expect that Peace had actually offered the woman such an exorbitant price—one billion!

Such a price was considered as the most extortionate among the extortionate. If it were any woman, it would be difficult for them to refuse such a price. Even for those A-list celebrities or whosoever, they would nod their head and say yes to a price lower than this price.

“Young Master Chaffman, didn’t you…you say before that you’d offer at most 200 million for even the most beautiful woman? How come you offered a billion this time?”

Caleb immediately chimed in and reminded Peace, fearing that Selena would accept Peace’s exorbitant offer, then he would not have a chance to taste Selena.

However, Peace’s face turned dull upon hearing Caleb’s voice. He retorted, “What do you know? This woman has captured my heart, so one billion is not a problem at all. Indeed, I said that to you before, but that was because I didn’t expect her to be so beautiful!”

“One billion, right?”

Selena suddenly voiced out in a gentle tone, with a smile hanging on her face.

Peace’s legs suddenly went weak and he almost plopped onto the ground when he saw Selena smiled at him. He was even more into her right now. That smile sparked hope in Peace, he thought that Selena would say yes to his offer, so he nodded aggressively like a chicken pecking grains on the floor. “My lady, yes, one billion! I’ll immediately transfer one billion to you as long as you agree!”

“Oh, is that so? But sorry, you’ll never get a yes from me, even if you offer 10 billion or 100 billion!”

Selena did not give the other party any chance. She rejected Peace’s offer cold-heartedly while her smile turned from gentle to cold.

Young Master Quinton heaved an obvious sigh of relief after hearing Selena’s answer, but at the same time, he thought that this woman was really dumb and insensitive. How could she not think through the matter and consider it at all? Peace was the Young Master of the Chaffman family, moreover, it was one billion!

Now, she did not only turn down an attractive offer but has also offended Young Master Chaffman.

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