No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0947

True enough, the corners of Peace’s mouth that were once lifted, slowly flattened and soon a gloomy sensation dawned on his face.

“If money can solve the matter, I wouldn’t choose to use force, I’m that kind of person. Miss Pretty, I’ve given you the opportunity to avoid that but you didn’t seize it. Since we can’t come to an agreement then don’t blame me for being brutal!”

His eyes were fierce and ruthless. He waved his hand and yelled out an order, “Kill the man and take the woman!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

The bodyguards put on wicked grins and took a few steps toward Jack and Selena. They were pumped up to kill.

Jack walked forward and stood in front of Selena. He clenched his fist tightly and swung his arm at the two bodyguards.

“Humph! Kiddo, look at the flabby body of yours, you…”

One of the two bodyguards snorted coldly. Then both of them balled their fist and blasted head-on with Jack.

Unfortunately, before the bodyguard could finish his sentence, both of them were blasted several meters back and smashed heavily onto the ground far from them.

The two gushed out a mouthful of blood when they hit the ground. The color drained out of their face; their face turned white.

“No f*cking way! One of them is on par with a major and another is comparable to a marshal!”

Surprise surged through Peace; he was in a complete state of shock. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped to the ground. “Young Master Quinton, didn’t you say that this guy isn’t that powerful?”

Caleb almost spewed blood when he heard that. “Young Master Chaffman, I didn’t say that this guy isn’t powerful. I clearly told you that dozens of my bodyguards weren’t his opponent and I suggested that you bring elite fighters from your family. But you, yourself claimed that it’s enough to bring these few bodyguards!”

Peace was weighed down by dread as well. “F*cking d*ckhead. This bodyguard is as strong as a marshal and should be competent enough to kill this man. How am I supposed to know he’s not his opponent at all! Looking at this brat’s fighting power, I guess he is as competent as a king of war!”

The remaining two bodyguards were skilled fighters as well; their combat prowess was quite good.

However, even with such combat prowess, it was nothing but trash before Jack’s eyes. After a few seconds, like the previous two, the two flew backward, spewed blood and their face went white and unsightly.

“Dear Young Masters, guess it’s your turn now!”

Jack stretched his fingers and rubbed his fists. He looked at both the young masters attentively, with a wicked wide grin plastered on his face.

Caleb was startled that he jumped back a little. He mumbled in terror, “I…do you know…I’m…”

He wanted to tell the other party that he was the Young Master of the Quinton family. He had said so before and it had worked every single time.

Nevertheless, this time, before he could utter the remainder of his thought, realization dawned upon him, that these words would definitely be useless on Jack. Yesterday his second uncle confronted Jack and that did not even work, what more this young master title? The other party definitely was not afraid of him.

Sure enough, in the next second, Jack punched Caleb’s face. Blood immediately sprayed out of his nose and he plopped onto the ground. He was like the bodyguards, spewing mouthfuls of blood and several of his teeth fell out.

Peace wheeled his head and stared at the miserable-looking Caleb behind him. Terror stabbed his heart, and his body was wobbly with fear that the fat on his chubby face was bouncing uncontrollably.

“Young Master Quinton’s family is nowhere near mine. I’m the young master of a second-class aristocrat family in this Swallow City! Hmph! If you dare touch a single strand of my hair, you’ll pretty much be done for!”

Peace barked with a feeble and shaky voice. He knew very well that the Chaffman family was very powerful, but at the same time, he was also afraid of a man like Jack, who did not fear death. He was unlucky to meet such a man.

Jack did not bother to continue the useless conversation with the other party, instead, he swung his leg and kicked Peace in his thick belly.

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