No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0948

Young Master Chaffman was as fat as a swine in others’ eyes. He was said to be about 250 pounds.

However, he was as light as a feather when he received a head-on kick from Jack, that he flew backward several meters then only fell onto the ground.

Caleb endured the pain of the punch, gritted his teeth, and got on his feet, only to be knocked down by Peace who flew backward in his direction. He plopped onto the ground again, causing a secondary injury and another mouthful of blood spurted out. It was such a miserable scene.

After teaching the other party a lesson, only then Jack walked over and looked at the two young masters who were lying painfully on the ground. “I am not someone bad; I’m very kind-hearted. But you, this ugly fatty, dream to get your hands on my wife, huh? You’re like a toad lusting after a swan’s flesh—asking for too much without looking at yourself. How dare you hit on my wife, you’re basically looking for death!”

After saying that, he paused for a moment to give the matter some thoughts, then he uttered again, “Let’s take today’s incident as a valuable lesson for you. I hope you’ll behave from now on, otherwise, the result wouldn’t be pretty and you might drag your family down into this mud too. I understand that living is difficult and I’m the kind that is willing to give second chances. But if you do not cherish this second chance, then don’t shove the blame unto me when you and your family disappear from this earth!”

“My gosh! Who the heck is this guy? Such a bully. He even dared to beat up Young Master Chaffman! Doesn’t he know that he is the young master of a second-class family!”

“You’re right! Even some young masters of second-class families have to pay respect to Young Master Chaffman when they meet him on the street. They all know that this Young Master Chaffman is vengeful and merciless. But this man actually dared to beat him up so badly!”

Many onlookers who commented loudly were wealthy and authoritative people, hence they naturally recognized the two young masters. They were all afraid of these two young masters, especially Young Master Chaffman; he was someone they dare not offend and were not hesitant to stay far away from him.

Little did they expect a more reckless yet ruthless person who dared to teach him a lesson.

“Let’s go, dear!”

Jack smiled warmly at Selena, held her hand, and walked away from the scene.

After a few minutes, they halted at a place that looked like a Chinese medicine store. There was a notice on the door, ‘For sale’.

The lot was quite spacious and well-decorated, but the business seemed to be doing badly that they needed to sell it off.

“Dear, why don’t we open a Chinese pharmacy? We don’t know what kind of business we want to do anyway. So we can open a Chinese apothecary and others will know we’re providing Chinese medical treatment!”

Jack pondered about it and then spilled it slowly.

“Hmmm. This is possible, but I’m afraid that I couldn’t help you much in this field and you’ll be burned out! After all, I have zero medical knowledge.”

A bitter smile plastered on Selena’s face. She paused for a moment then continued, “And nowadays Chinese medicine is not that popular anymore. It’d be hard for us to earn.”

“dear, you thought so thoroughly! But the references you have are only applicable for those common and average Chinese doctors. Don’t forget that your husband is a genius doctor. For those diseases and illnesses that are untreatable by western medicine, I’m confident that I can treat them. Slowly we’ll gain fame and they’ll be willing to pay for our treatment even if it’s exorbitantly expensive, right? Or have you forgotten that back in Eastfield, I’ve treated quite a number of weird diseases?”

Jack chuckled nonchalantly in return.

“Alright then. Let’s head in and take a look around!”

Selena bobbed her head and walked into the store together with Jack.

This Chinese medicine store was called Will’s Apothecary. The decoration inside was well-maintained and there was a courtyard with a row of chambers behind the store.

Obviously, the price would not be cheap.

When they stepped into the store, a huge sigh of defeat rang through the air—it was from the owner here. “I can’t really do much now, this is this month’s salary and you don’t have to come to Will’s tomorrow onwards. Nowadays it’s very hard for Chinese medicine to survive, everyone only trusts western medicine. And I guess it’s difficult to sell Will’s to others, this store is too big!” The owner was talking defeatedly to an old-aged doctor.

The old-aged Chinese doctor sighed together with the owner. “Yes. In fact, Chinese medical knowledge is so broad and profound. There are so many illnesses that can’t be treated by Western medicine but possible with Chinese medicine. Moreover, Chinese medicine gives little to no side effects on our human body. It’s such a shame that this knowledge is whittling down and fading out. People only go to big hospitals when they’re sick!”


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