No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0949

“This gentleman is right and insightful!”

Jack nodded in satisfaction and chortled.

“Are the two of you here to seek a doctor?”

The old-aged Chinese doctor immediately went up and served Jack and Selena when he noticed they entered the store.

“No. We saw the notice outside. Isn’t this place going to be sold? I’m interested in that. How much is it?”

Jack returned a gentle smile to the doctor.

“Sir, this place is in a strategic location, and it’s very wide and spacious inside! Let’s go in and I’ll show you around, shall we?”

The owner of Will’s Apothecary went up to them immediately after noticing Jack’s interest in the place. Although he felt that the possibility of the other party taking over this place was highly unlikely, he still put on the warmest smile and served them. After all, it was rare for others to be interested in a place like this.

“Good idea! Let’s look around.”

Jack nodded in agreement and followed behind the owner for a tour around the apothecary.

When they came out after they were done, Jack popped the question directly, “How much does it cost? And could you also let me know where to get those Chinese medicine supplies?”

“Don’t worry, Sir. All the seller’s contact information is recorded in this notebook!”

The owner handed a notebook to Jack and then added, “About the selling price for this place, I don’t want to earn, so ten million will do. I’ve spent more than that for renovation, but you seem very sincere, so I’ll not ask for more. Ten million will suffice but I’ve to tell you that, this location is strategic and every inch is worth gold. I’ve paid the rental 3 years in advance when I first rented and it cost 10 million annually. Also, these Chinese herbs have value too, hence, the total price will be more than 30 million dollars!”

The owner carefully spilled out the details, fearing that the numbers would scare Jack to death. “Young man, if you paid the 30 million dollars, you’d not have to worry about the rent for the next three years. Then when the contract ends after 3 years, you can negotiate again with the landlord to renew the lease…” The owner added.

Jack was silent for a few seconds then suddenly spilled out.

“Hmmm. How about this, I’ll pay you 100 million and this place will be mine. I’ll recruit a few helpers tomorrow to do the cleaning and administrating stuff. Then I’ll just change the store’s name, and that’s all!”

“100 million?”

The owner was utterly shocked. He was initially prepared to lose a big amount of money including the rental fee for the next three years. He believed that nobody would want this place as it was too big and pricey, and he would be elated if he managed to sell it for 30 million.

He truly did not expect that the young man before him had offered 100 million.

“Sir, you…you’re not joking, right?”

The owner’s Adam apple jumped as he swallowed his saliva hard.

“It doesn’t matter. I might be able to earn 100 million back in a day or two in the future. And for me, 100 million is just a small amount of money!”

Jack, however, put on an unconcerned look. “Besides, you seem like a good person to me. So, that’s why I’m willing to offer 100 million!”

The owner was grateful that his voice trembled. “Young man, 100 million is too much. I understand that you must be from a rich family, and money is not a problem for you. But how could you say that you can earn the amount back in a day or two just to put my mind at ease? You don’t have to tell such a white lie. I understand the situation.”

“Hand me your bank card, please.”

Jack stretched out his hand. “Sir, I didn’t lie to you. People certainly would not spend 100 million for treatment. But for cases like cancer, incurable diseases, or any illnesses that threaten their lives, they’ll be willing to spend a billion, not to mention 100 million.”

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