No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0950

“Young man, you’re not bragging, are you? You know how to cure cancer?”

The owner’s voice trembled with excitement after hearing Jack’s words. He wondered if he had heard it wrong.

“Young man, aren’t you talking big? Even big and prominent hospitals can’t treat cancer. With the current medical advancement, cancer is incurable, especially for those with stage four cancer!”

The old-aged Chinese doctor stood up from his armchair and walked slowly over to the group. His legs were wobbly, and his voice was shaky.

“Didn’t both of you discuss that a moment ago? That in fact, Western medicine is not as good as Chinese medicine in many aspects, especially those big hospitals who only rely on all sorts of machines to treat diseases. If technologies and the machines were to be taken away, they may not even be able to figure out what exactly is the illness, right?”

Jack laughed wholeheartedly, with a bemused look on his face.

“Yes, that’s what we discussed, but I didn’t expect for you to have such perception at such a young age!”

The old-aged Chinese doctor looked at Jack with reverence and respect in his eyes. “If what you said is true, that you’re able to treat and cure those strange and incurable diseases, even cancer, then you can be called a genius or miraculous doctor!”

“Well. These names don’t really bother me!”

Jack chuckled excitedly and then said to the owner, “So…what now? Is this place still for sale?”

“Of course! I’m old but not a fool. It looks like I’ve met my savior today!”

The owner laughed elatedly together with Jack and then he gave his bank account number to Jack.

Jack transferred 100 million to the owner right after he got the account number.

“Alright. Well. It just so happens that I need people here. Doctor, if you’re willing, please continue to work here tomorrow. I’ll hire a few more helpers to assist you. What do you think?”

Jack faced the old-aged doctor and proposed his thought.

“Sir, you…you’re not planning to test my medical knowledge? Are you going to hire me without knowing the level of my medical skill? What if I can’t take on this important role?”

The old-aged herbalist felt a bit flattered. How could he have imagined that Jack would ask him to come to work tomorrow? How much did this kid trust him?

“If you’re gonna employ a man, don’t doubt him; if you doubt him, don’t hire him! I trust you. Besides, I’ve heard your exchange with the owner and I believe that you’re a great doctor with professional medical ethics. An ethical doctor wouldn’t be so poor in his skills.” Jack responded patiently then he added with a humble laugh. “Tomorrow I’ll recruit some helpers and I’ll change the store sign, and… I think that’s all. Nothing else to change!”

“Alright, alright! Thank you so much, sir. You’re truly my savior!”

The old-aged doctor was grateful that he thanked Jack again and again.

“Oh, right. Doctor, how much is your monthly salary now?”

Jack asked again after some thought popped into his mind.

“Well, it’s about 12 thousand right now. As you know, Swallow City is an expensive city. Though my children are working, I still hope that I can contribute a little to the family and not burden them so much. So I decided to continue working to earn some money and to kill some time as well!”

The old-aged doctor gave a small smile and answered.

“I see. Hmmm. Starting from this month, you’re gonna get 30 thousand per month! I’m gonna get two to three assistants for you so that you can take turns to take a break, and I’ll give those assistants 20 thousand per month.”

Jack blurted out his carefully planned thought.

“Sir…sir, 30 thousand is too much. I… This…”

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