No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0951

The old-aged doctor was startled at the amount. “Sir, how can I address you? I know you’re a good man, but 30 thousand is too much!”

“Oh, not at all, not at all! I’ll need to trouble you to look after the store today! And my name is Jack White!”

Jack chuckled and then looked at his lovely wife who was standing beside him. “I’ll leave with my wife first.” He then added.

“Alright, Mr. White. I’m Terrance Chaffry, just call me Terry.”

Terrance chortled warmly and sent the two off at the entrance.

“Jack, I know you’re trying to help, but you’re too generous, don’t you think so?”

When they got out from the apothecary and on their way back home, Selena could not hold back but tease Jack. “You’re too generous that you scare the old doctor!”

“It’s okay. Terry and his family don’t seem to be doing well. And it’s obviously not easy to survive in Swallow City. After all, to own a house in Swallow City is challenging for ordinary people and it’s indeed burdensome. Terry is a kind man; he works just to lessen the burden on his son’s shoulders.”

The corners of Jack’s mouth faintly curled upward. “Sigh! Parents will always worry about their children!” Jack whispered with emotions.

“You’re right. We’re not lacking any money anyway, at the same time, we can help people! Besides, once we make a name for your medical skills here, I believe that all those rich people will come to us and by that time we’ll earn back all the losses!”

Selena smiled at Jack. Jack could definitely be called a genius doctor with his outstanding medical skills. And with such skill, Jack could make as much money as he wanted, unless he had no desire to do so.

The couple soon went back to their home. At this time, Caleb arrived at his home as well but with a severe nosebleed.

Initially, Caleb thought that with the aid from Peace, getting Selena would be a piece of cake. However, little did he expect to get bruises on his face in the end; he did not even get to touch a single strand of Selena’s hair!

Never mind the bruises, now that he finally gets to rest on his bed in a luxurious villa he bought for himself, he was worried sick about what would happen next.
He knew his second uncle’s character very well. He was a three-star king of war. How could he accept the fact that he was beaten up badly and had his finger cut off; he certainly would not let that matter go.

His second uncle—Hunter Moore—was someone with little fame. He was friends with several kings of war who were more powerful than he was. The last time he met his uncle in the backyard, he was drinking with a five-star king of war!

What if his second uncle brought a few elite fighters to where Jack and Selena live and killed the two beauties—Selena and Lana, then he would not be able to taste the two beauties anymore! Caleb was feeling unfair that he was beaten up twice but did not even have the chance to touch those women once.

“No, no, no. I have to go find my second uncle tomorrow. But I’ll rest up a bit today!”

Caleb mumbled to himself after thinking about the matter. Then he took a few painkillers to ease his pain so that he could rest up and heal faster.

Perhaps, it was because he had failed twice in a row and he was uncontented.

Moreover, he knew very well in his heart that based on Young Master Chaffman’s temperament, he would definitely not let the matter go. After all, the Chaffman family was a prominent family and has quite a few elite fighters.

At this time, Hunter and five other kings of war were drinking and chatting in a hotel bar.

These five kings of war, in addition to the two kings of war that were with him that day, there were three other kings of war—two four-star kings of war and a five-star king of war!

“Sir Moore, what happened to your hand?”

One of the kings of war noticed Hunter’s missing finger and asked in surprise.

“I met a female fighter, and I don’t know if she has five-star or four-star combat prowess. She is quite strong, and I could not defeat her!”

Hunter bellowed angrily, with his fists and teeth both gritted tightly.

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