No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0952

“Are you f*cking kidding me? Sir Moore, you’re not her opponent?”

A four-star king of war had a surprised look plastered on his face. “There’re many elite fighters here in the Swallow City, but Sir Moore is not some commoner that anyone could just defeat! What’s more, the other party is a woman! How can it be?”

Hunter bobbed his head in agreement. “I didn’t expect that the other party would be this powerful. The other day, they humiliated my nephew, compelling him to kneel under the hot sun for a long time. They beat him and his bodyguards up too! So I went over in hope to help my nephew out, but I seriously didn’t expect that woman to be this strong and to defeat me in the end!”

After hearing this new piece of information, three kings of war exchanged glances to convey certain messages between them. They were not stupid at all; they knew and understood Hunter’s and his nephew’s characters inside out. Hence they naturally knew who was at fault.

After analyzing the situation, the three assumed that the nephew was probably head over heels for the other party’s beauty and wanted to own her which lead to such an incident.

Moreover, Hunter was very protective of his nephew. Everyone knew that. Just that the thought of Hunter getting defeated and have one finger chopped off did not cross their minds. Hunter had actually gone to them for help this time!

“Sir Moore, you’re the only one who has fought with the other party, so you naturally know how good their combat power is!”

The five-star king of war chimed in with a rhetorical question. He gave a faint smile.

“Hmmm, I guess the woman should be on par with a four-star king of war! But it doesn’t matter whether she is comparable to a four-star or a five-star, if we all join forces and attack them together, it shouldn’t be any problem!”

Hunter nodded and raised his arm with a glass of beer in his hand. “My dear brothers, as you know, I, Hunter Moore, rarely ask favors from others. But this time, it seriously affected my pride and ego as a king of war! So you guys must give me a hand!”

“Don’t worry. We’re brothers and we have fought together on the battlefield. So we’ll definitely help you!”

For the sake of reputation and image, the five-star king of war was somewhat forced to nod his head and agree to Hunter’s favor.

Since a five-star king of war had promised to avenge Hunter, the other two four-star king of war naturally had their tongue-tied but proceeded to smile and nod to show agreement. After all, what Hunter said was true, he rarely asked for favors from others. For a prideful king of war to open his mouth and beg for help, it was not easy.

The group soon bottomed up couples of beers.

“Alright. I’ll treat everyone to a karaoke night! Also, I’ve sent my men to scout where the other party lives. Tomorrow at nine o’clock sharp, we’ll gather together at the Dragon Phoenix Skyscraper, then go over to their house and end them!”

Hunter shot up from his chair and yelled his lungs out, with his fist clenched tightly.


All kings of war stood up and echoed with Hunter. They possessed a strong aura that nobody else would be able to emit.

The next morning, Caleb woke up and found that his soreness and wounds had recovered quite a bit. He then immediately brought a few bodyguards and drove to his second uncle’s house.

Soon, he arrived at his second uncle’s villa.

“Mr. Wallace, is my uncle inside?”

Caleb quickly approached Mr.Wallace—who was the butler of Hunter’s residence—and inquired about his uncle’s whereabouts with a smile on his face.

“Umm. He’s already gone out; I think about ten or twenty minutes ago!”

“I think he went out with a few kings of war, to somewhere I’m not too sure. Oh right! Yesterday he met with the kings of war and had a few drinks together!” Mr. Wallace added as he recalled.

“Oh sh*t!”

Caleb cursed and slapped his thighs right after hearing the news. He woke up slightly later than usual this morning, it must be due to his injuries.

He did not expect his uncle to act so fast that he had sought help from other kings of war and went straight to find Jack and Selena.

He initially thought that he could rest up a bit and come over this morning to inform Hunter that Jack had offended the Chaffman family, and perhaps they could wait patiently for the Chaffmans to make a move. When shepherds quarrel, the wolf has a winning game; they could be the wolf that benefits from the situation.

At least, this way, he would have the chance to taste those two beauties.

After all, he knew Young Master Chaffman’s character well. If Peace wanted to kill the women, he would have had fun nights with them before killing them!

On the other hand, according to his second uncle’s temperament, he would not care about fun nights nor fooling around. They would go straight for the other parties’ heads; after all, they were people who thought they were righteous and just. It was impossible for them to do such dirty deeds.

Therefore, if the second uncle and the kings of war were to behead the other party, then he would lose the chance to…

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