No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0953

“Dammit! I was too late! Few minutes late!”

Caleb let out a defeated sigh and he was rendered speechless.

“Young Master Quinton, what do you mean by you’re too late?”

Mr. Wallace was confused at Caleb’s utterance, not comprehending what Caleb meant by that.

“It has nothing to do with you!” Caleb cast Mr. Wallace a glare and blurted.

After the last syllable of his word dropped, Caleb got into his car and was ready to drive to Jack’s residence to witness the other party’s fallen bodies.

This time his second uncle was not alone; he brought several kings of war with him. These combined forces were nothing but splendidly formidable and frightening. Hence, Caleb was convinced that today would be the other party’s last day on this earth.

A total of six kings of war gathered in front of Jack’s residence a few minutes ago.

“Isn’t this area new? And these villas as well?”

One of the kings of war furrowed while trying to peep into the enclosed villas.

“That’s right. But I didn’t know that there is a person who is as strong as a four-star king of war living here!”

Another king of war chimed in and gave his two cents.

The group stood before the entrance of Jack’s residence, however, they were stopped by two bodyguards at the entrance.

“Gentlemen, may I know your purpose here?”

One of the bodyguards stepped forward and inquired about the group’s identities.

These bodyguards followed King of War Skyler Celestino to the Swallow City. They were his disciples and each of them was competent and has strong combat prowess.

“We don’t want to kill innocent people! You can either move aside and let us in or hand over three of them to us! A woman wearing a mask, a man and another beautiful woman! The man is called Jack and the beautiful woman is called Selena!”

King of War—Hunter Moore—raised his head slightly as he commanded in a cold and disdain voice.

“Hand them over?”

A few vertical lines formed between the bodyguard’s brows. It was obvious that this group of six was not here for a friendly matter. “May I know what’s the purpose of you meeting our master?” One of the bodyguards asked.

“Humph! What’s the purpose? Of course, it’s to grant them their death wish!”

Hunter snorted coldly and spitted his thoughts. “Hand them over to us now! All of us here are kings of war, you two are certainly not our opponents and we don’t want to kill weaklings! Their lives are what we came for!”

The bodyguard who blocked their way into the residence had a confused look on. “Sir, if you want to kill the three of them, I’m afraid that it’s an impossible task. Or at least you should first defeat our captain of bodyguards!”

“The captain of bodyguards? Get him here then! Then I’ll see if he can defeat all of us!”

Hunter leered frostily.

“Alright, I’ll get him over!”

One of them quickly ran off into the area.

At this time, Skyler was enjoying his tea leisurely in the courtyard. However, he was not used to relaxing; he felt odd having so much free time recently, and eventually, he got bored.

At that very moment, his disciple ran to him, articulated huffingly. “Master, there’re a few people who called themselves kings of war, yelling to kill Master and Mistress White and Goddess of War!”

“What a joke!”

Skyler hollered, then he stood up from his chair, cracking his fingers. “Let’s go and meet them!”

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