No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0954

“Master, there’s six of them and I can recognize one of them, but the other five, I have no idea who they are! If you go out and fight them, wouldn’t this be a bad idea?”

The bodyguard cast a wan smile and doubted Skyler’s decision.

“You know one of them? Hmmm. Then do I know them?”

Skyler listened attentively to his disciple and questioned with a frown.

“Oh, you definitely know this person! He used to be your subordinate. But he certainly doesn’t know me!”

The bodyguard then continued with a mixture of feelings. “It’s Sir Miles Stone, you do remember, don’t you? He was not only your subordinate, you’ve even saved his life before!”

“Ah! It’s him!”

As soon as Skyler heard of the name, he was excited and could not wait to meet this good old friend.

However, after striding for a few steps, he stopped. He suddenly remembered that the other party was not here to hang out but to look for trouble. If he were to go out like this, the other party would be embarrassed in front of the other kings of war.

After giving some thought to the matter, he asked his disciple again, “The one who yelled for Jack’s head was not him, right? Miles is a nice and kind-hearted guy, he’d never offend Jack, Selena, and Lana. It’s ridiculous!”

“The one who yelled was not him; it’s a guy with a missing finger. Probably this person was beaten up by the Goddess of War before, and that’s why he went to Sir Stone for help!”

The bodyguard breathed out a wan smile. He was certainly confused about the whole situation, after all, he and the other disciples were only here as bodyguards because they followed Master Skyler.

Skyler was a dignified and honorable man with a high social position. He was a real eight-star king of war and his combat prowess was said to be on par with some of the nine-star kings of war!

No one would ever believe that such a strong person would be willing to follow Jack and serve as his bodyguard.

The disciples knew that Jack was the personal doctor of the Nine Great Gods of War. However, since Jack was only a doctor; the bodyguard did not think that Master Skyler should behave submissively toward Jack.

Only when they arrived and settled down in Swallow City that Master Skyler revealed the shocking news to them—that Jack was not at all the personal doctor of the Nine Great Gods of War, but he was the Supreme Warrior, who was also the master of Nine Great Gods of War!

Besides, Jack’s attainments in medical skills and knowledge were way beyond Ethan Hays’; that Ethan would never be on par with Jack in the medical area.

Nevertheless, Master Skyler had made them keep this a secret. Unless the Supreme Warrior revealed his identity himself, otherwise, nobody should say anything about his identity.

Therefore, when the bodyguard watched the king of war screaming and yelling to kill Jack, he felt funny and at the same time, pathetic for the other party. To seek trouble with Jack, would not this be digging a grave for oneself?

If they had pissed off the Supreme Warrior, with a single swing of Jack’s arm, all of them would be lying on the ground, lifeless.

“Hmmm. If I were to go out and teach them a lesson, Miles would lose his image and reputation. He’d be embarrassed beyond measure. How about this, you bring him in.”

Skyler leisurely plopped his butt onto the seat again after he analyzed the situation thoroughly and waited casually in the courtyard, enjoying good tea.

“Where’s your so-called captain of bodyguards? Where is he?”

Hunter cursed loudly after seeing that the bodyguard came out alone, without anyone next to him. Hunter felt a flicker of irritation.

The bodyguard smiled and then only bowed before the group of kings of war. “Our Captain said that he wanted to meet Sir Stone in private, and he believed that after Sir Stone has met him, Sir Stone will change his mind!”

“He’s only a captain of bodyguards, why would Sir Stone change his mind because of him! What a joke!”

A one-star king of war—who was close to Hunter—clasped his hand in front of his chest and sneered sarcastically.

“That’s right, who does he think he is? Tell him to get out here himself. Don’t tell me he’s a pussy and is afraid of us, that’s why he is hiding inside like a scaredy-cat?

Another four-star king of war echoed and laughed. It was ridiculous at the same time funny in his point of view.


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