No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0955

For whoever who possessed combat power comparable to a king of war was certainly not going to volunteer to be a bodyguard. So the other party was obviously pretending to be a king of war, but in reality, he was probably afraid, at the same time, did not want to admit weakness due to his image. Thus, he had asked Miles Stone to go in, so that he could pay Miles off and Miles would let him off the hook.

“I’m a five-star king of war, and you’re making me go in to meet him? Are you sure?”

Miles snorted frostily, his face was releasing an aura of resentment.

“Hurry up and ask your Captain to come out, or else I’ll end your life here!”

Hunter got a little impatient. He stepped forward, choked the bodyguard, and lifted him up high in mid-air.

Hunter thought that the bodyguard would wet his pants out of fear. Nonetheless, the other party did not even show a hint of fear, but rather he shot Hunter a deadly stare. “If you want to kill, then kill. Do you think I’m afraid of death? But I need to tell you that, if you kill me right here, all of you will regret it later, and all of you will have to compensate me with your lives!”

“Hunter, don’t kill him!”

The boldness of the bodyguard suddenly woke Miles up, perhaps, it was not that simple.

After ordering Hunter not to kill the bodyguard, Miles said to the bodyguard, “Lead me to your Captain. If he is just a useless prawn, I’ll kill him on the spot. I hate it when people lie to me!”

Only then did Hunter put the bodyguard down.

“Let’s go in!”

The bodyguard cast another fierce glare at Hunter, then only he brought Miles into the residential area.

After a few minutes, Miles and the bodyguard arrived at the courtyard, under a big tree. They met with a man who was enjoying the breeze and drinking tea there. He was about 40 or 50 years old.

When Hunter could finally see the other party clearly, he instantly recognized him. Miles sucked in a breath of shock and stumbled a few steps forward. He rubbed his eyes repeatedly to clear his vision as though the scene before him was blurry. “Oh my freaking God, Sir Celestino, is that you? It’s you, right? Why are you here?”

Skyler looked at the other party and commanded with a strong aura, “Come, sit down and talk. Tell me, what brings you here? And why did you want to find fault with our Master?”

“No way! Sir Celestino, you’re an eight-star king of war! Why are you here? Why have you become the captain of bodyguards? Am I seeing this correctly? Aren’t you supposed to be in Eastfield right now?”

Miles sat down beside Skyler. Shock and confusion clouded his thoughts. Not only did Skyler become a bodyguard, but he called the person behind him, his Master. Did that mean the person behind him was even more powerful than Skyler? Or was he some sort of high-status person? Otherwise, how could it be possible for an eight-star king of war like Skyler to call this person Master?

“you don’t have to squeeze your brain juice thinking about this. We arrived a few days ago, and we plan to go around the city for some sightseeing and fun. Did I explain myself clearly?”

Skyler laughed out loud and then added, “So…what now? Do you still want to proceed with your plan to kill my master? Our Master’s position and identity is not something you could ever imagine nor you could ever offend. If you want to take his life, first you’ll have to possess the ability to kill me first!”

“Oh, no, no, no! Brother Skyler, how could I ever be stronger than you? Besides, I was your subordinate and you even saved my life before! How could I possibly have the guts to fight you? I wouldn’t dare lay a finger on you! You’re my savior, I could never fight you!”

Miles was in a complete state of panic. He waved both his head and hand to strengthen his statements.

“no more fighting or killing my Master then?”

Skyler chortled at Miles’s gesture and asked.

“No more fighting, no more killing your Master! I came here today because Hunter and I are pretty close, that’s why I thought of helping him out. In fact, that nephew of his is not a dignified man in the first place. We all know that!”

Miles waved his hands again and then added, “I’ll go out in a moment and ask them to leave.”

“Good then. It looks like I don’t have to do anything!”

Skyler gave a warm smile and stretched his back. “Actually, it’s been a long time since I last fought. I’m really not used to it anymore. Look, my hands are shaking because I’ve not been fighting!”

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