No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0956

“Don’t, please don’t, Sir Celestino! Your hands must not shake, if they do, we’ll be in trouble!”

Miles did not know whether to cry or laugh at the situation. Then he was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. “Sir, I really didn’t expect to see you here. Okay! It’s set now, I’ll come here again tomorrow!”

“You’re coming here again tomorrow?”

Skyler smiled faintly.

Miles burst out in laughter. “I’ll come over to visit you tomorrow. Let’s have some drinks and talk. I couldn’t do it today, because there are a few people waiting for me outside!”

“I see. But you can’t leave right now! I’ve poured you a cup of tea, you have to at least finish it before you leave!”

Miles was one of his close subordinates. They have both experienced life and death moments on the battlefield. Hence, Skyler was in a good mood after meeting Miles.

“Alright then!”

Miles chatted with Skyler for a while, then bottomed up the tea in front of him, only then did he walk toward the gate by himself.

“Why isn’t Sir Stone back yet?”

Hunter and the others who were waiting outside were growing more and more impatient. Miles had been inside for almost ten minutes, which made the others feel strange.

“It can’t be that something happened, right?”

The four-star king of war guessed with his brows ceasing together.

“This is bad! They know we’re here and the toughest opponent is Sir Stone. So, they’ve requested him to go inside alone to siege and assassinate him! They have the number; they might be able to kill him! In this case, our overall strength is weakened and we might be in trouble!” The other four-star king of war chimed in.

Hunter’s face turned unsightly at the analysis. If Sir Stone was killed, their overall combat power would be weakened instantly.

“Let’s go! Let’s go inside and help Sir Stone. We can’t let them weaken our force! Motherf*cker! They’re cunning foxes!”

The one-star king of war waved his hand and yelled. But, inwardly he was frightened to death.

At this time, a figure resembling Miles slowly appeared within their sight. The corners of Miles’s mouth curled upward as he walked toward the group.

“He’s here! Sir Stone is here!”

Everyone let out a huge sigh of relief when they learned that Miles was safe and sound. After all, he was the only five-star king of war here, and the only one who could possibly defeat the woman with the mask—who was said to have the combat power of a five-star king of war. Therefore, Miles played a vital role in the group; if it were not for him, the remaining kings of war would not come along today!

“Sir Stone, what took you so long? Why did the so-called captain call you over? Don’t tell me he’s trying to pay you some money to cease fire?”

Hunter was so impatient that he instantly went up to Miles and questioned him.

“How is it possible? Sir Stone is not someone who lacks money. How much would the other party pay Sir Stone in order to cease fire?”

One of the four-star kings of war sneered sarcastically at Hunter’s guess.

“Guys, leave the place with me, now!” Miles looked at everyone and then commanded.

Miles then brought the rest to a corner outside the villa and said to them with a gloomy and dull tone. “Sir Moore, I think it’s better for us to let this matter go. Let’s stop here!”

“Miles Stone, what do you mean by ‘stop here’? We all agreed to this plan before, didn’t we? How could you change your mind after going in? Aren’t you a coward?”

Hunter’s face darkened—he was extremely upset at Miles’s suggestion. He could not imagine why Miles refused to help him after seeing the so-called Captain.

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