No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0957

“Umm. The mysterious person inside is not someone we can afford to offend. If we go according to the plan, it’s equivalent to digging graves for ourselves!”

Miles chuckled, loosening up the tensed atmosphere. “Do you know who the captain of bodyguards is? He’s an eight-star king of war, Skyer Celestino! My former boss on the battlefield, moreover he’d saved my life before! If we were to fight against him, we’d die within a few minutes!”

“What the f*ck? An eight-star king of war?”

One of the four-star kings of war was bewildered at the news. He was so frightened that he held his breath until he almost passed out. “Sir Stone, this is not a joke, right? The eight-star king of war, Skyler Celestino, is actually in there, serving as the captain of bodyguards?” The four-star king of war could barely squeeze out a few words.

“Impossible! How is that possible?”

Hunter had his face turned unsightly. If that was the case, his plan for revenge had to be flushed down into the drain.

Unless…unless he knew any nine-star king of war, or a God of…

“Why would I lie to you guys?”

Miles shot Hunter an impatient glare then added, “Well, Sir Moore, let’s head back. Now you understand why we can’t afford to offend the people in there. Skyler is an eight-star king of war, and he is willing to serve this person behind as a bodyguard. This means that the identity of this person is not that simple, do you understand?”

Hunter nodded his head. Although his heart was upset about losing his finger and his plan was in vain, he was somewhat thankful for Miles.

Fortunately, he and the others did not go ahead with the plan and charged into the residence. Otherwise, they would not be able to come out alive.

“My apologies for troubling you guys. Let’s find a nice place and have a cup of tea. Then we’ll have lunch together at noon, couples of wines, and just laze around!”

Hunter poured out his thoughts and quickly left the residential area with the rest.

Not long after Hunter and the group left the scene, an opulent sports car arrived and parked not too far away from Jack’s house.

Caleb Quinton was inside the sportscar. He looked at the bodyguards at the gate from afar; he could not help but frown. If the vicious fight had started, it was impossible for these bodyguards to stay alive, standing there like nothing happened.

“Strange, hmmm. Could it be that the second uncle and the others have yet to arrive?”

Caleb’s brows knitted and his heart was filled with doubts and questions.

He wandered around the entrance for a while, trying to peep into the residence. There were no signs of any intense and ferocious fighting. Caleb breathed out a huge sigh of relief; he could finally rest up a bit.

It looked like his second uncle has yet to come over with the others to look for trouble. Perhaps tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Suddenly, a loud ring came out from Caleb’s pocket—his cell phone was ringing.

Caleb’s mood brightened once he saw the name on his phone, and he immediately answered the call. It was Peace Chaffman.

“Damn, Young Master Quinton, where the heck does the man and the woman live? The bodyguards that I brought along yesterday were not strong at all. Besides, you’ve said that your second uncle is a three-star king of war and he can’t even defeat the woman with a mask, right?”

The thick voice of Young Master Chaffman came out from the phone as soon as Caleb answered the call. “Humph! This time I’ve asked for two professional fighters; both are six-star kings of war! The man and the woman would not stand a chance against them, and this includes the woman in the mask! I’ll surely capture her alive!”

“You’re not kidding, right? That’s amazing!”

Such great news bloomed the hope inside Caleb. As long as his second uncle and the others had not gone to revenge, he still had a chance to taste the two beauties.

The thought of spending wonderful nights with the beauties made Caleb’s adam’s apple jump. “Young Master Chaffman, you didn’t forget our deal, did you?”

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