No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0959

They clenched their teeth and threw all of their strength into fighting him.

A loud noise resounded. The huge man stood rooted in his spot, unmoving, yet the two bodyguards have been sent flying backward.

The two clinched their arms. The arms they had used to attack had broken bones now.

“Not bad. But you unwittingly walked into a death trap by running into these two fighters of mine!”

Peace gave a cold smile, radiating an arrogant aura.

“Kill–kill them!”

Caleb cried out from the side. He had been beaten twice, and now he could finally see retribution falling upon his enemy.


The huge man’s lips curled into a frosty smile. He pulled out a sword from behind his back.

He swung the sword ferociously. A thin, pressurized air blade suddenly flew straight toward the two bodyguards on the ground.


Yet another air blade sliced forward just as the two bodyguards were about to be killed, stopping the huge man’s air blade.


The huge man, Caleb, and the others looked toward the original direction of the air blade.

“Who are you?”

Skyler was absolutely livid. He had just managed to chase Miles and his men off just moments ago, and he never thought that another group of fighters would come around less than half an hour later.

Furthermore, these fighters were very skilled.

Skyler immediately suspected that these people had been hired by Miles. After all, Miles did not lash out to save his reputation just now, and that was the only reason why he had managed to walk away alive. After he left, he probably hired people that no one would recognize.

Still, he quickly shook his head and dismissed the notion.

After all, the fighters here were far stronger than Miles. They were not as skilled as eight or nine-star Kings of War. If Miles had been behind this, he would be sending them to their graves.

“What’s going on? Young Master Chaffman, there are more fighters in there. And it seems like this one is almost as strong as I am!”

The huge man was taken aback at the sight of his attack being blocked so easily.

Judging from the other man’s pressurized wind blade, it seemed that it was more solid—more powerful than his own air blade.

“Young Master Quinton, why are there more fighters here? Didn’t you say that the masked woman was the strongest of them all?”

Peace gulped, just as shocked as everyone was.

“I–I didn’t know that there was a fighter like this here!”

Caleb was speechless too. “But you have more men than him, Young Master Chaffman,” he said. “It shouldn’t be a problem!”

“Young Master Quinton and Young Master Chaffman?”

Skyler flashed a cold smile as he heard their conversation. “Who cares what young masters you are? You dared to barge your way in here and injure my disciples. Both of you will die right here!”

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